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As a young girl I felt an abiding connection with something beyond the world. Something powerful, invisible and great. 

I was born in Northern Minnesota and my early years were spent in a small rural community surrounded by lakes, trees, fields and wildlife. Nighttime during winter was often a time of stillness for me. I remember the vast night sky, silent and expansive rising above me as I lay alone on my back, still, listening and looking up from my bed of sparkling crystallized snow blanketing a field, warm in my many layers of winter clothes. Stillness. Silence. Presence.

These nighttime communions were reprieves. Gifts. Clues.

Many years later other clues emerged. These clues held something darker, more frightening and oppressive. 

Today I see these two forces more clearly. One – a force that serves, loves, challenges and comforts but does not coddle. The other – a force that deceives, calculates, manipulates to its own ends. It believes in its motives. It is seductive and cunning.

Both of these forces are present in our world. There are Forces for Good which are beyond the physical. Unseen but deeply felt. This Great Unseen Force has its rare emissaries living in physical form. Spiritually advanced beings. Wise. Hidden. Watching. Warning. Sent near, but not here, at the request of God.

This Unseen Force has sent a man, a man living here in the world, also at the request of God, to receive a vast message for us; for humanity. This one man has been prepared for a long time; in time and beyond time.

There are great forces at work in and around our world. Those Unseen and those in the physical. Somehow I know them. Have known them a long time. Inexplicable. Indescribable. Palpable.

They, in the physical and beyond the physical, are here for us. The one man sent to receive the vast New Message from God, Marshall Vian Summers, is here for us. Those physical beings near us but not here, The Allies of Humanity, are here for us. And those beyond the physical, The Unseen Ones, are here for us. 

They are all here for us. Working for our advancement. Working for our development. Working for our preservation. Working on behalf of humanity. For us. Calling us to something greater. 

Between my young adulthood and my now middle-age-hood I spent many years off and on lost and found in the world. There were difficult years. Years of searching. Years of exhaustion. Years of heartache and longing. Years of almost giving up. 

Lost. Conflicted. Distracted. Conditioned. Trying to make sense of it all. There were  times of reprieve. Times of communion. Rising up, sinking down. Push. Pull. 

Where was I? Lost. Found. Pushed by a darkness I could not name. Pulled to prayer. Pushed away from the stillness of communion. Pulled to reverence. Pushed by a darkness that now has a name. That I now know well. It is called “The Intervention” by those who work on our behalf. Throughout all of the pushing was the pulling. Lost. Found. Sinking. Rising.

Pushed. Pulled. 

In Relationships and Higher Purpose it speaks of the darker forces. I have had to learn to contend wisely and clearly with these forces. I have had to learn who and what they are. I have had to learn how they work against unity and for separation within my own life. I continue to develop a strong relationship with Knowledge, the Divine and those representatives of the Divine.

It is through the practice of Steps to Knowledge that I was able to regain strong footing and reclaim communion. Pulled to God. Called. Grounded in Steps to Knowledge; the vital preparation for our current circumstances. It is a preparation in discerning other intelligent life in the universe. It is a preparation in Wisdom. It is a living, deep, pure and abiding gift. It is a pathway of united power and redemption. A pathway of reclamation. A pathway home and out of the darkness of separation.  A pathway out of fear. A pathway out of being pushed by forces of dissonance.

This pathway is available due to the devotion of Marshall Vian Summers. The pathway is available to each of us contending with these new world conditions. He has devoted his life to this. The preparation he has received holds the clarity that I work to maintain every day. We are blessed to have the pathway openly given to us. This gift holds the greatest power in the universe. It is worthy of my ongoing commitment to practice.

Like me, there are many who have lost their way temporarily. Some, sadly will remain lost.  But a growing number will find their way because a new way has been given. Each of us will need to hold steady. Hold strong. Hold to Knowledge and develop greater skills and gifts as we enter a more challenging and difficult phase of the world’s evolution. 

Now, as a mature woman, well past the 9-year-old girl in the snow, I consciously choose to develop an abiding connection with those in the world and beyond the world who work on behalf of the reclamation of Knowledge everywhere. These individuals are part of my Spiritual Family with whom I am joining step by step. The gift lives. It is relationship with and for a powerful, invisible and great force in service to a world in great need.

It is the sparkle in the darkness.


The link below the photo of Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger of the New Message from God, leads one into a powerful and deep prayer given to humanity.

Experience his spontaneous and profound gift to us all.

On Sunday July 3, 2011 Marshall Vian Summers spoke openly to the world. It was a live broadcast and was the first public speaking event held at the humble Sanctuary of the New Message from God.

When I first began studying the New Message from God Teachings and began the formal practice of Steps to Knowledge in early 2009, I understood at some deep level who Marshall Vian Summers was and what he was doing in the world. Before even meeting him I understood his Divinity. I understood that he was receiving and delivering an authentic communication from the Divine for the entire world. And unlike previous Messengers through whom God has spoken, Marshall is speaking to the entire world, a mostly literate world, a world advanced in technology and a world now beginning to engage with a vast universe full of intelligent life.

That Sunday morning I saw a man standing in front of loved ones, students and strangers making an audacious proclamation to the world. I saw his vulnerability. I saw the emotional struggle of being required by God to stand and proclaim, “I am the Messenger of God.”

I can’t even begin to imagine what that would be like. 

Years ago I participated in a conference where a friend was going to speak in front of a large group of people. She was speaking to people who were attending to hear her and others like her. They paid for the event, they held similar beliefs, ideas and assumptions and were ready to welcome what she had to say. Even so, moments before she prepared to go on stage she experienced such significant anxiety that she vomited in the woman’s room.

As Marshall stood in front of the people in attendance he looked pale and shaky. His mouth twitched slightly as he began to speak. It was then that I understood the burden of what he has been called to do. Even though I inexplicably understood him to be the Messenger, on that day, for the first time, I saw his humanity. I saw the man. 

Unlike my friend, all who hear him will not welcome him. Many will not be ready to hear his Message. Many will deny, reject and denounce the Message itself and Marshall personally.

But, like myself, others will respond. Others will welcome him and come to know him while he is alive in the world. Others will recognize the Truth in the Message.

His destiny as the one to receive the New Message from God is not a role many of us would welcome easily. The burden of the Messenger is great. And for those whom this Message is meant to reach, the responsibility is great as well – to receive the New Message from God and the Messenger.   

I have witnessed his generosity, his humility, his Divinity and his struggle. He has no choice. He has been called. In this place of “no choice” is the greatest gift. He must make this Proclamation. It is his destiny. It is a Message for the entire world. There are those of us who have our own role to play and must recognize, receive and carry the gift of the Revelation into the future. That is our destiny. The world and all of humanity is waiting.

Our world is at a threshold where we need a greater Knowledge and Wisdom to
educate, inspire and prepare us for the future.

This is the only book of spiritual practice which actually prepares the reader for the world’s destiny in a Greater Community of intelligent life.

Steps takes the reader on a journey where the experience of Self Knowledge is initiated. By practicing stillness and focused inquiry, its 365 daily lessons mysteriously open the mind to revelation and provide the context for realizing who you are, why you are here and what you must accomplish.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE represents the essence of spirituality as it is taught,
practiced and shared in the Greater Community of Worlds.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE is a gift from the Creator to enable humanity to establish a foundation for peace and cooperation within the human family and to
spiritually prepare for its destined encounter with intelligent life from the
Greater Community.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE provides the lessons and practices that are essential for
learning and living The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. In its 365 practices or “steps” it presents the road map to Knowledge, the Knowing Mind, and lays the foundation for learning and applying Greater Community Knowledge and Wisdom.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE is for those who have the need to know and who feel the
need to prepare.


This Education

about the Greater Community is essential,

for you must have a sense of what you are preparing for,

and you must begin to realize your own responsibilities here on Earth.

 Races from the Greater Community are already here, interfering in human affairs,

seeking to establish themselves as centers of power and influence here,

operating secretly behind the scenes, influencing people in positions of power,

taking citizens against their will, functioning in ways that are highly dangerous and hazardous for the human family.

 Yet people go about life as if nothing is happening,

consumed with their own needs, consumed with human conflict and corruption,

consumed with the difficulties of life here in this one world, unaware and unconcerned

about the presence of an Intervention here.

  Awareness and education.

This in itself would obstruct the visitors’ agenda in the world.

 There are no other problems in the world

as important as this.

Marshall Vian Summers

The extraterrestial presence in our world today is called the Intervention – for they are resource explorers and economic collectives – they are self-serving. We are not without the power to halt this Intervention. There is a power that we inherently carry within us called Knowledge (inner knowing, inner guidance) that we can develop greater access to in order to gain awareness, see clearly and begin to forge a greater resistance for the preservation of our individual and global freedom.  Through practicing Steps to Knowledge one can gain greater access to this power.

In the Universe, the power and the presence of Knowledge

is the greatest power there is—

greater than technology, greater than ideology,

greater than persuasion.

The Intervention is not using this Knowledge

and is not aware of it,

or it would not be intervening in the world,

for Knowledge represents

a fundamental ethical foundation.

You cannot attack or exploit another,

guided by Knowledge.

And those who are guided by Knowledge

cannot be exploited, cannot be fooled,

cannot be seduced.


Resisting the Intervention, As revealed to Marshall Vian Summers on September 10, 2008


I admire Dr. Karla Turner greatly. She was a professor who gave up teaching to devote herself fulltime to researching this challenging subject.

The Allies of Humanity Briefings fill in the missing gaps that researchers have been unable to piece together with over decades of study.  Abduction – yes. Ascension – no…

 A couple days ago I awoke feeling quite unsettled and uncomfortable. It was a pervasive feeling that I experience from time to time and have come to understand that these feelings are due to the extraterrestrial presence in our world.

 In the Teachings of the New Message this extraterrestrial presence is called the Intervention. The races that make up this collective Intervention have significantly advance technology and are very concentrated mentally. They have the ability to influence the thinking and feeling of people in their vicinity and those they focus on.

This presence is not here to serve our best interests. They will and do present themselves as benign beings to those who are receptive. To those who are not receptive they attempt to mentally torment them. However, there is a greater strength to call on and that greater strength is the power and presence of Knowledge. It is the greatest power there is. This power is within us. It is our inner knowing or inner guidance. It can be cultivated and strengthened through the study and practice of Steps to Knowledge.

I have been a student of Steps for a little over two years and have found the teachings and the practice of Steps to be immensely beneficial in combating these influences. It takes constancy and perseverance on my part. I have learned that I must be very strong within my own mental environment. I have learned to utilize the Teachings and to call on the Angelic Presence to assist me in becoming a clear and present force that is not swayed.

That unsettled morning I read Step 30 of Steps to Knowledge – The Continuation Training which was my Step for that day’s practice. It could not have been more perfect for what I needed to work on. The Step read… “To realize my strength, I must exercise my authority.”

As I read the step, engaged in practice and read a chapter in “Relationship and Higher Purpose” called “The Problem of Evil and the Forces of Dissonance” I began to penetrate what I was experiencing and integrate the Wisdom in these two Teachings. I have the authority to protect myself from these dissonant forces. It is my right and responsibility to do so.

I often write as I work through things. As I focused on this issues, a “statement” or a “prayer” emerged as I engaged in this work. This statement comes directly from the two sources listed above. It is something I reread and spend time with on different occasions to absorb the full meaning. The following is the result of that day’s practice in exercising my authority.


 To realize my strength, I must exercise my authority.


I exercise authority

in preserving my own mind

and dedicate my mind to a greater purpose –

the reclamation and contribution of Knowledge.


I guard my mind against intrusion and false persuasion.

I do not underestimate the forces of opposition.


I recognize the problem that exists;

I see the world as it exists;

I see myself as I am.


I discern the forces that are influencing human thinking and behavior.

I deal with this reality objectively,

without fear and negative imagination.


I accept the condition of physical life.

Knowing that Knowledge is not threatened by the presence of evil,

It merely seeks to deal with it constructively.

Knowing that Knowledge is not dismayed nor is it influenced by evil.


Only if I neglect this great authority am I vulnerable to these forces.


So, in order to maintain my authority

I exercise authority in preserving my own mind.

I dedicate my mind to the power and presence of Knowledge

and utilize each opportunity to strengthen myself

and everyone around me.


I remember that in the Universe

the power and presence of Knowledge

is the greatest power there is.


I realize my strength, I exercise my authority.


 To order “Relationships and Higher Purpose” go to

Begin the practice of Steps to Knowledge free online at 


To engage in the Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training a student must complete Steps to Knowledge twice through following the instruction as they are given and without altering the curriculum in any way.







A Freedom Movement Prayer: Resisting the Intervention


I pray that all minds awaken to the power and presence of Knowledge within us.

Let us become strong and knowledgeable regarding life in the Universe

and let us wisely prepare for our future in the Greater Community.


Let Knowledge awaken objectivity, clarity

and a real understanding of the Intervention’s motives.

May Knowledge within guide and influence humanity for our greatest good.


Let us now unite and join together in the face of the Intervention.

Let us forge human unity and cooperation for the preservation of our world.

I pray we face our greatest threat and our greatest challenge with courage and compassion.

I pray that we recognize our greater spiritual power; a power that has the strength to

unite humanity and ensure a future as a free and self-determined people.


I pray that we now call upon the power of the Unseen Ones, the Angelic Presence,

to help us gain perseverance, strength and encouragement.

Let us gain a strong position of resistance to the Intervention.

Let us unite in this resistance without anger or fear.

Let us manifest this resistance through the power of Knowledge within us.

In so doing, we actively offset the dangerous influence of the Intervention itself.


I pray that we refuse the offerings and the persuasions of the Intervention.

I pray that the Intervention becomes know to enough people so it can

no longer function in secrecy.

I pray that the minds and hearts of people everywhere not be turned

by persuasion, seduction or intimidation.


When this is so, when we have refused, have exposed and have not turned

and have become strong in Knowledge

the Intervention has no power over us and must withdraw.

In the universe, Knowledge is the greatest power there is. We have this power.

May we reclaim it and exercise it now.


This prayer draws on the Teachings revealed by Marshall Vian Summers and includes revised excerpts from The New Message from God and the Allies of Humanity Briefings.

Go to the following links where this vital information is posted free of charge for further study and inspiration.



There is plenty of evidence to support the fact that alien craft and alien races have been active in our world for several decades. There is also now a great body of work given to us in order that we may see what is occurring with more clarity. This body of work provides information to which we would otherwise not have access. This information is presented in the Teachings of the Greater Community Way of Knowledge and in The Allies of Humanity, Books One and Two which specifically spell out what is occurring in our world. These great works put some of the pieces together that are missing from the current information available through the many brave people who have made and continue to make information about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings available to us. For me, these Teachings resonate the truth and I draw upon that material for understanding and Knowledge of what is occurring in our world. It is within each of us to discern the truth if we are willing to see and know.  

There is an Intervention occurring in our world. We are being visited by races from beyond who are here to gain access to our world and our resources. The Intervention is not here to bring us peace, spiritual enlightenment or greater technology. They are self-serving. They are much like us in this regard. But we must learn to grow beyond these tendencies to see, know and take action to sustain our preeminence in our home world. This is upon us now and many of us, if we are even aware, believe that the extraterrestrial presence is benevolent and here to uplift us. This is a misinterpretation which is promoted by the Intervention itself.

We must see what is occurring in the world without fear, delusion or hope. There are currently conflicts and grievances in many countries between groups on an economic level. There are brewing conflicts between nations over water and food resources and between religions to promote their beliefs to the exclusion of all others. This is pervasive. This is mindless. We are at a point where we cannot afford to battle against each other. It is not sustainable. It weakens us. It is without Knowledge. And, it is promoted by the Intervention.  

In The Allies of Humanity, Book Two it states that blind passion fueled by anger and hostility becomes a consuming force for the individual, a force which can be manipulated and used by the Intervention itself. The intervention will use individuals as the medium through which violence will be perpetrated while they themselves remain seemingly above and beyond such activities. This is what weakens and divides us. It makes us vulnerable to races from beyond our world.  

Power in itself is a neutral force. Its use determines the outcome. Knowledge or Spirit is power for good. Anger and hatred is power as well but produces a much different result. It is destructive. It causes separation and pain and weakens us instead of strengthening us and producing unity and communion. There is power in the mental environment. The mental environment can greatly influence people for good or ill. Only a person strong in Knowledge will be able to resist and find insulation and freedom from the influence of the Intervention and the consuming forces of anger and hostility.

 The Allies of Humanity, Book Two goes on to say we must see with clear and sober eyes, without hope or fear, but with the clarity of Knowledge that is within each of us. We must not give over our minds, our hearts or our world to any force that promises peace, power, freedom or equanimity. We must not give ourselves over to greed, hostility and separation. We must promote and achieve freedom and equanimity within ourselves – humanity must achieve this through our own nature and our own activities. These things can not be forced upon us or even given to us. They must be developed within each of us in order to make a positive difference in the world. It is stated in these Teachings that the promise for humanity lies in the awakening of the individual. We must reclaim and build this within ourselves. We have the ability to do this. We have this strength.

 In order to maintain our freedom we must be willing and able to see what is occurring in our world without fantasy, hope, fear or delusion. We must exercise our own strength to unite, care for others, share our resources equitably and sustainably honor the earth as the stewards of our home planet. What we need will not come from an outside source or force. If we take from alien races we will become dependent upon those races and they are here for their own self-interest.

 Become informed, become sober and wise. We have the power to resist. We have the power to see through the deception. We need awareness, discernment and inner conviction. This phenomenon is not mystical or complex. It is nature being played out very deftly. It is a greater power attempting to take over a weaker power for access to biological and genetic resources. The Intervention is aimed toward one goal – to move humanity into a position of trust, allegiance and subservience to the Intervention itself. If this occupation is successful and if the Intervention takes control of our world it will be easily recognized – but by the time it is easily recognized for what it is, it will take a great struggle and significant sacrifice to overcome.

 We have time to stop the Intervention. If enough of us become aware and collectively object to this invasion they must withdraw. We have the power and the collective strength to do this. Technology is not our disadvantage. We don’t need bigger or more powerful weapons. The Intervention is not using weapons. It is using inducement and persuasion. It is using our ignorance, greed, denial, desire, hostility and naivete. Power in the mental environment is a much greater weapon for it is more effective to influence than to destroy. Knowledge or Spirit is power and it too has a great effect in the mental environment. As each of us becomes stronger in Knowledge we supplement others in this strength as well. It is a force for good. It will prevail if enough of us respond and become a force for good. We are either working for the greater good or are unwittingly working against it.

 The power of Knowledge or Spirit is a greater advantage in this arena and it is something which we must gain access to and in which we must become very strong. This can influence the mental environment and create a force that will unite and strengthen us. It can offset the negative influences present in ourselves and in the world. It can and will make all the difference once we see and understand the situation clearly. This is our one true advantage. It is an advantage the Intervention does not understand or utilize. It is our inherent strength deep within us which cannot be manipulated, coerced or extinguished. It is a greater power that we have access to if we can break through our limited beliefs, ideas and assumptions about our place in the Universe and what is occurring in our world.  

Take a moment now to feel this strength. Feel your Knowledge joining with Knowledge in others in this world and beyond who promote freedom everywhere in the Universe. Feel your connectedness for the greater good. We are a part of this force. Contribute to it now. Receive it now. Knowledge provides each of us the strength and conviction to face the Intervention and maintain our collective freedom now and in the future. Be a force for good. See with clarity and wisdom. Join. Unite. Contribute.

 The power of Knowledge is becoming evident to me.

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