This is the beginning of chronicling my personal practice of the Steps to Knowledge.

Steps to Knowledge is the spiritual practice of the Greater Community Way of Knowledge – The New Message from God. I do not personally represent the Greater Community Way of Knowledge. This blog only reflects my experience with this teaching. I wish to share my experience in hopes that you too may find strength as we face great change and climb this mountain together.

I am a beginning student of Steps to Knowledge; a book of 365 daily practices. It is a book of Inner Knowing. This knowing – or Knowledge – is the deeper spiritual mind within each of us. It is the source of all meaningful action, contribution and relationships. It is an amazing and challenging journey.

I start this blog while in the process of studying the Steps for the second time for we must always start from where we are.

This journey is ongoing. Each day holds challenge and promise. Through this process I look squarely at the state of the world, the state of myself in relation to it and others and to life beyond this world.

Sometimes looking and seeing has terrified me.  Sometimes it has made me cringe. And as I move through the emotional turbulence of my own personal mind and the turbulence of the world we all inhabit, I find a deep abiding Presence within me that I did not know I had. It is so comprehensive. So vast. So mysterious, yet so practical and so applicable to life today.

Daily I face the reality of life in the universe and the reality of what we are doing to each other and to the planet.  I face my own weaknesses and participation. Then I experience my emerging strengths. I make the needed changes. I falter. I get up. I falter. I commit myself, again and again.

This message teaches me that the promise for humanity is in the awakening of the individual. The change is not out there somewhere. It is right here within me… within you.  To see, to know, to act… this is the blessing.

Know that I am like you. I am simply an individual. An individual searching for something greater. I am an ordinary woman. A woman who has made numerous mistakes. A woman of no great accomplishment.  An ordinary woman who, with awe,  has responded to the call of this extraordinary Teaching.

Who I am is not important. It is the journey that matters.

Together may we find meaning, purpose and direction in this rapidly changing world and the courage to see, to know and to act on behalf of all of humanity.