Today is a review day. A review of the last two weeks of practice. As I reviewed the Steps I remembered something I said a few years ago before being led to this great teaching. I was at work and someone was talking about their fears, worries, etc. I said, “The mind is a dangerous place. Do not go in there alone.” We all got a chuckle out of this at the time but today I see it differently. I see it as a deeper memory. A clue.

In Step 300 a phrase sparked this memory. It states, “Do not dwell in your thoughts alone today, but enter into the presence of your Spiritual Family, for you are born of community and into community you now enter…”

This series of Steps emphasizes the contrast between a personal mind lost in its separate thoughts, ideas, fears and beliefs and a mind grounded and in service to Knowledge. There is a significant difference.

As I practice Steps to Knowledge I gain a greater understanding and experience of the contrast between these two states of mind. This group of Steps addresses this directly. Alone in my own thoughts, without this greater awareness, I frequently experienced distress and anxiety. This is not meant to be our natural state. Our natural state is found through a greater association with Knowledge and with those whom we are inherently connected to from our Ancient Home. We are meant to remember, to reclaim this memory and inherent Wisdom, in order to keep Knowledge alive in the world. This is our contribution.

Those who have come before us who have contributed Knowledge have kept it alive in the world to be carried forward. They have kept it alive in the world for us. They have awoken to Knowledge within themselves and through this they reclaim those who have forgotten and who are lost in their own minds. The Knowledge that I receive today is “the fruit of their giving” (Step 306). This fruit is being given by the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, who is alive in the world today, as it was given by the Christ, the Buddha and all the great messengers before him.

As a child I knew that what Jesus did we were all capable of doing. I’m not talking about the spectacular things he was reported to do. I’m talking about uniting with our Source. What I “knew” about Jesus was not taught to me. I simply knew it. This, too, was a memory, a clue. We are each able to unite with and express the Divine but it requires laying down our desires, our burdens, fears and worries. It is a process. It requires that we reclaim an Ancient memory that is deep within us. It requires objectivity and clarity. It requires becoming a Temple for many. A meeting ground for the Divine. The practice of Steps to Knowledge is one path that leads to this great reclamation. There are others, but this teaching is alive in the world today.

This Teaching is living now, is being given now. For we are at a new threshold in the evolution of our world.

Knowledge is meant for every intelligent being everywhere. It is for humanity and it is for all races in the universe. I am now understanding that those races who are currently intervening in our world for their own purposes are lost in a state of separation. They are not to be feared or revered. They are simply trying to make separation work according to their ideas and beliefs. Knowledge is meant for them as well.

Jesus reclaimed Knowledge; he became Knowledge. He was united with Knowledge, his Spiritual Family and God – in essence – community. He was no longer a separate individual. His expression was and is unique and mysterious. His expression was an end to separation. This is possible for us. Not in the same way of course. In a smaller and quieter way. But even so, the end of separation is possible for us too. We can also unite with Knowledge and the Divine. We too can carry Knowledge in the world. And we do not do it alone. It is community and relationship all the way. It is joining. It is uniting. It is remembering. It is reclaiming. It is inexplicable.

So, this group of Steps is a continuation of the Steps that came before them. Each step takes us closer to our True Self. Each step reveals what works and what doesn’t work. Each step works its way into our hearts and minds in order that we be given a greater purpose for being in the world.

Knowledge is beginning to have potency now. Your are beginning to feel its power. You are beginning to realize its total importance to you. You who have been partial with life in the past are now realizing that life is completely with you and will require that you be completely with it. This is your salvation and your redemption, for here all separation, fear and misery are dispelled. What can you possibly lose to receive such a gift?” (Step 308).