There is plenty of evidence to support the fact that alien craft and alien races have been active in our world for several decades. There is also now a great body of work given to us in order that we may see what is occurring with more clarity. This body of work provides information to which we would otherwise not have access. This information is presented in the Teachings of the Greater Community Way of Knowledge and in The Allies of Humanity, Books One and Two which specifically spell out what is occurring in our world. These great works put some of the pieces together that are missing from the current information available through the many brave people who have made and continue to make information about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings available to us. For me, these Teachings resonate the truth and I draw upon that material for understanding and Knowledge of what is occurring in our world. It is within each of us to discern the truth if we are willing to see and know.  

There is an Intervention occurring in our world. We are being visited by races from beyond who are here to gain access to our world and our resources. The Intervention is not here to bring us peace, spiritual enlightenment or greater technology. They are self-serving. They are much like us in this regard. But we must learn to grow beyond these tendencies to see, know and take action to sustain our preeminence in our home world. This is upon us now and many of us, if we are even aware, believe that the extraterrestrial presence is benevolent and here to uplift us. This is a misinterpretation which is promoted by the Intervention itself.

We must see what is occurring in the world without fear, delusion or hope. There are currently conflicts and grievances in many countries between groups on an economic level. There are brewing conflicts between nations over water and food resources and between religions to promote their beliefs to the exclusion of all others. This is pervasive. This is mindless. We are at a point where we cannot afford to battle against each other. It is not sustainable. It weakens us. It is without Knowledge. And, it is promoted by the Intervention.  

In The Allies of Humanity, Book Two it states that blind passion fueled by anger and hostility becomes a consuming force for the individual, a force which can be manipulated and used by the Intervention itself. The intervention will use individuals as the medium through which violence will be perpetrated while they themselves remain seemingly above and beyond such activities. This is what weakens and divides us. It makes us vulnerable to races from beyond our world.  

Power in itself is a neutral force. Its use determines the outcome. Knowledge or Spirit is power for good. Anger and hatred is power as well but produces a much different result. It is destructive. It causes separation and pain and weakens us instead of strengthening us and producing unity and communion. There is power in the mental environment. The mental environment can greatly influence people for good or ill. Only a person strong in Knowledge will be able to resist and find insulation and freedom from the influence of the Intervention and the consuming forces of anger and hostility.

 The Allies of Humanity, Book Two goes on to say we must see with clear and sober eyes, without hope or fear, but with the clarity of Knowledge that is within each of us. We must not give over our minds, our hearts or our world to any force that promises peace, power, freedom or equanimity. We must not give ourselves over to greed, hostility and separation. We must promote and achieve freedom and equanimity within ourselves – humanity must achieve this through our own nature and our own activities. These things can not be forced upon us or even given to us. They must be developed within each of us in order to make a positive difference in the world. It is stated in these Teachings that the promise for humanity lies in the awakening of the individual. We must reclaim and build this within ourselves. We have the ability to do this. We have this strength.

 In order to maintain our freedom we must be willing and able to see what is occurring in our world without fantasy, hope, fear or delusion. We must exercise our own strength to unite, care for others, share our resources equitably and sustainably honor the earth as the stewards of our home planet. What we need will not come from an outside source or force. If we take from alien races we will become dependent upon those races and they are here for their own self-interest.

 Become informed, become sober and wise. We have the power to resist. We have the power to see through the deception. We need awareness, discernment and inner conviction. This phenomenon is not mystical or complex. It is nature being played out very deftly. It is a greater power attempting to take over a weaker power for access to biological and genetic resources. The Intervention is aimed toward one goal – to move humanity into a position of trust, allegiance and subservience to the Intervention itself. If this occupation is successful and if the Intervention takes control of our world it will be easily recognized – but by the time it is easily recognized for what it is, it will take a great struggle and significant sacrifice to overcome.

 We have time to stop the Intervention. If enough of us become aware and collectively object to this invasion they must withdraw. We have the power and the collective strength to do this. Technology is not our disadvantage. We don’t need bigger or more powerful weapons. The Intervention is not using weapons. It is using inducement and persuasion. It is using our ignorance, greed, denial, desire, hostility and naivete. Power in the mental environment is a much greater weapon for it is more effective to influence than to destroy. Knowledge or Spirit is power and it too has a great effect in the mental environment. As each of us becomes stronger in Knowledge we supplement others in this strength as well. It is a force for good. It will prevail if enough of us respond and become a force for good. We are either working for the greater good or are unwittingly working against it.

 The power of Knowledge or Spirit is a greater advantage in this arena and it is something which we must gain access to and in which we must become very strong. This can influence the mental environment and create a force that will unite and strengthen us. It can offset the negative influences present in ourselves and in the world. It can and will make all the difference once we see and understand the situation clearly. This is our one true advantage. It is an advantage the Intervention does not understand or utilize. It is our inherent strength deep within us which cannot be manipulated, coerced or extinguished. It is a greater power that we have access to if we can break through our limited beliefs, ideas and assumptions about our place in the Universe and what is occurring in our world.  

Take a moment now to feel this strength. Feel your Knowledge joining with Knowledge in others in this world and beyond who promote freedom everywhere in the Universe. Feel your connectedness for the greater good. We are a part of this force. Contribute to it now. Receive it now. Knowledge provides each of us the strength and conviction to face the Intervention and maintain our collective freedom now and in the future. Be a force for good. See with clarity and wisdom. Join. Unite. Contribute.

 The power of Knowledge is becoming evident to me.