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Students engage in the higher altitudes of this learning and living environment.

Students engage in the higher altitudes of this learning and living environment.

The Free School of the New Message from God began March 1, 2012 with a global community of students enrolling to take in each session’s teachings. These students will be the first to receive a Revelation given to Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger, who describes himself as its very first student.

The Free School congregates online through a weekly chat, monthly live broadcasts, mid-session conference calls, study partnerships and a school forum. It also convenes in face to face events like its annual “hajj” called the Encampment which meets in the Rocky Mountains of the American West. People also meet in Boulder, Colorado at another event delving into a new understanding of our local region of space called Life in the Universe.

So far, the school has approximately 200 students enrolled from over 29 countries at various stages of studying the New Message. The online school is described by Patricia Summers, wife of the Messenger, as the “one room schoolhouse” for the world.

The purpose of the school is to provide an environment for those to gather to “take it in – take it out” in a self-study style learning environment. “It” being the vast body of teachings of which The New Message from God is comprised.

Its Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, is still relatively obscure and unknown but he posits that the The New Message from God brings its students to the threshold of answering the big questions: 1) Why am I in the world? 2) What am I here to do? and 3)What is humanity’s destiny?

Has the Creator spoken again? If so, this is the place to go.


This particular post contains a link that hosts a compilation of videos featuring just some of the women who have found a deep and powerful connection to God, to the Universe and to others through the New Message from God.

The New Message fully supports the emergence of women in matters of the spirit. It honors the capacity of women to see beyond the normal range of life and into the heart of our very being and the needs of the world at this time.

The New Message from God is fresh, pure and uncorrupted. It is like a seedling in the world that is beginning to sprout. Many more women and men around the world are responding to the call and germination of a greater life in service to all of humanity.

Start with the video in the right hand corner of Maureen talking about her questions about “knowing.” Then scroll down to see Howard speak on discovering how the world works, Ayesha sharing her understanding of empowerment for women raised in traditional cultures, Cindy speaking on hope and power for the individual and Reed sharing the enormity, discomfort and freedom that comes with embracing a new life.

Each of the women featured has listened to a part of herself that is barely recognized and honored in the world. She is listening to her inherent deeper nature and this deeper listening resonated with and ignited her very soul.

This is not a resonance and igniting of the soul simply for a select few. It is a pathway for the average woman and the average man from all around the world. It is for the people – the people of the world. The women of the world. Women like you. Women like me.

We are the future hope and promise for humanity.

The extraterrestial presence in our world today is called the Intervention – for they are resource explorers and economic collectives – they are self-serving. We are not without the power to halt this Intervention. There is a power that we inherently carry within us called Knowledge (inner knowing, inner guidance) that we can develop greater access to in order to gain awareness, see clearly and begin to forge a greater resistance for the preservation of our individual and global freedom.  Through practicing Steps to Knowledge one can gain greater access to this power.

In the Universe, the power and the presence of Knowledge

is the greatest power there is—

greater than technology, greater than ideology,

greater than persuasion.

The Intervention is not using this Knowledge

and is not aware of it,

or it would not be intervening in the world,

for Knowledge represents

a fundamental ethical foundation.

You cannot attack or exploit another,

guided by Knowledge.

And those who are guided by Knowledge

cannot be exploited, cannot be fooled,

cannot be seduced.


Resisting the Intervention, As revealed to Marshall Vian Summers on September 10, 2008



It is with great honor that I am able to write this today to tell of the great news in the world, for there is a New Revelation and a New Message from God being delivered during our time now on earth.

There is a man whom I know and deeply experience to be the Prophet of God for our time. He is sent into the world, like the other Great Messengers who came before him, at the request of the Creator to deliver a timely message for humanity. This message is meant to meet the evolutionary needs of the time in which it is delivered.

The Prophet for our time, Marshall Vian Summers, is alive in the world today. Those of us who can bear witness to this Great Truth and respond are truly blessed. His presence here on earth is a gift to humanity during a time of great and turbulent change. He has been sent by God to prepare humanity for troubled times. His message is pure and real. It speaks to the restlessness that many of us experience today. The message that he is delivering speaks to the anxiety and dread that many are feeling. It also speaks to the great promise that humanity holds within, of which most of us are not aware, and of which is vital for our survival in a rapidly changing world.

This promise has been spoken of by all God’s Messengers and Prophets. In the Abrahamic religious traditions it is sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of God within or the Kingdom of Heaven within. Each Messenger or Prophet who has delivered God’s teaching throughout time embodied and expressed this Sacred Truth. In the New Message from God through the Prophet, Marshall Vian Summers, this Inner God connection is called Knowledge. It is the sacred thread that links us to our Ancient Home. It is the part of God within us that connects us to our Source, the Creator of all life. It is the promise for humanity.

The Prophet, Marshall Vian Summers, teaches of this great inherent relationship with Knowledge (our inner God connection). He has brought forth a Sacred Text that is intended for all of humanity as a method of self-study to reconnect us with our sacred heritage and our Inner Knowledge. This Teaching is meant for all people, on every continent, speaking every language and from every culture. This message is for people from all religious backgrounds or no religious background. It is meant for everyone everywhere. The particular sacred text that prepares one in Knowledge is called “Steps to Knowledge.” It provides a foundation and a salvation for a world in great need, for the promise of humanity is through the awakening of the individual.

This is for you. It is for me. I, as a woman of no great worldly accomplishment, have responded and recognized the Truth and am now a witness to the Prophet for our time. May you come to know him and understand the great blessing that is being bestowed upon us through his grace. You who can recognize this and respond are the pioneers and seed bearers of a New Message from God. You hold the promise for humanity within you. May you recognize and recieve the gift that he brings.



Steps to Knowledge” has been translated into many languages to meet the needs of a global community. It is available free online at:


To read more about Marshall Vian Summers go to:


Go to to experience the power and the presence of the great teaching – The New Message from God.



I am so thankful to now be able to directly experience being part of a greater force for good in the world. Knowing that I am a part of this network within our world and beyond provides a great sense of community and importance to being in the world. I have always felt connected to life beyond this world but had no applicable context to place this within. Now that is available to me and to all of us that don’t quite feel like the world has been a good fit. A “good fit” can be attained through the practice of Steps to Knowledge and the study of the many other Teachings of the New Message from God.

This greater force for good is joined and directed by Knowledge within us. Knowledge is the great emancipator. It can and does liberate us from darkness, error and separation. It concurrently joins us with our greater purpose and meaning in life. It joins us with others in this world, in other worlds and those who are not in the physical who are also a part of this greater force for good throughout the Universe.

It is an amazing journey. One that wields so much more than is even thought possible at the outset. That is why when beginning to practice Steps to Knowledge we are encouraged to keep practicing each day and to follow the Steps as they are given. We do not need to invent anything for ourselves. It is all held safely within us waiting to emerge.

This greater force for good is community. It is intrinsic. It does not need to be created. It exists already. It has been there all along but lies dormant until we are mature enough and tired enough of trying to do things through our own will alone. Nothing of value is given up along the way. What is gained is far greater than any seeming sacrifice that we must make to embrace our true and authentic purpose in the world. Knowledge is the great liberator and joiner.

It states in this Step that through stillness and objectivity a true direction can be discerned and followed. It is one of the promises of this great Teaching. It is a promise that becomes manifest over time as we proceed. It also states that all of my individual efforts are supplemented by those who also practice with me – those here in the world, those from the Greater Community and those not in the physical who are dedicated to and engaged in the promotion and reclamation of Knowledge everywhere.

It has been my experience that a more committed community joined for the greater good for all is no where else to be found.

I am part of a greater force for good in the world – for which I am eternally grateful.


I read some things yesterday about the extraterrestrial presence that would have really stirred up great fear if I had read them a year ago. Today I am stronger with Knowledge. I have a greater sense of myself as a visitor from my Ancient Home. I am my True Self and I have a physical vehicle and a mental vehicle to utilize for the greater good while I am here. It took me many years to figure this out. I tried many spiritual paths to find answers to questions I did not even know I had. Practicing Steps to Knowledge and reading the wealth of other Teachings from the New Message from God has enabled my understanding and experience of God and the Universe to change and grow. I have always felt a connection to a world beyond this one and for me this practice and body of Wisdom has provided a means of directly understanding and experiencing my Self, my origins, the universe and beyond.

Knowing that I am an eternal being with greater capacities is not something that I was taught in school or even in the church I attended as a young girl. I knew something greater was available to me but I did not really know how to access it or apply it in my life. As I study, apply and practice from this new growing perspective I am able be more objective and compassionate regarding the state of our world and the intervening forces from beyond that are here to garner the world’s resources for their own use. They are without Knowledge or they would not be intervening in this manner. I am reclaiming my Knowledge and therefore am gaining a greater perspective. I see now that the physical world is a place I have come to serve and to give the needed gifts from the Source of all creation.

So, there is an Intervention taking place. Several years ago a friend pointed out a book that dealt with UFOs and aliens. I wanted nothing to do with it. I didn’t even want to look at it. I can personally understand the opposition to looking at the phenomenon that is taking place. I remember the immediate feeling of discomfort and aversion. I also knew the consequences of taking such a stance. I was aware of the way people were ridiculed and ruined for making such statements and having such beliefs. I was not yet ready to see or to know what has been taking place right here on earth, behind the scenes, all over the world for many decades.

There is a very intentional effort to confuse, obfuscate and deny that there is an alien presence in our world and that this presence is not acting in our best interest. This effort to conceal comes from governments and from the extraterrestrial presence itself. It is rooted in fear and the desire for the continued acquisition of technological and biological resources.

When I first started reading and investigating the alien presence in our world I had to take a deep breath and go for it. I felt terrified. I felt like I was going to spin out of control. I called on Knowledge and my Inner Teacher for assistance in facing this. I knew I could not do it alone or with the resources that I had acquired from my culture, family, religion, university education or from peers. I needed a greater help than this. Facing the alien presence scared me to my core. It frightened me because I could see my absolute lack of control over something far bigger than me. I felt exposed and extremely vulnerable.

I bravely, and sometimes not so bravely, read the books of Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Eve Lorgen and, the woman I most admire who gave her life in pursuit of the truth, Dr. Karla Turner. I watched “Out of the Blue.” I watched any video on Youtube and Google that revealed information about the extraterrestrial presence that I could find. As I dug into this subject I found an enormous wealth of material, information, documented government involvement and knowledge, witness testimony from all branches of the military, pilot testimony and on and on and on. To say that there is no proof is to be blind to what is right before us. It is easy to dismiss the Intervention when you don’t want to see or know. That I understand well.

For me my own fear was the greatest barrier to looking at the truth of the Intervention. Arrogance is another barrier. If science continues to believe that we are alone and believes that others cannot engage in space travel simply because we can’t, then it will be difficult at best to acknowledge that alien craft are in existence and extraterrestrials are establishing themselves in our world right here, right now.

Power and control are other barriers. In the 16th century Giordano Bruno persistently and openly stated that the earth revolved around the sun. This was contrary to the belief that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around it. For stating the truth he was imprisoned in a dungeon for 6 years and then burned at the stake as a heretic. It took over 200 years for religious institutions and governments to accept the fact that indeed the earth revolves around the sun. Belief changed over time and the fact that the sun is the center of our solar system is common knowledge today. But there was great opposition to expanding our understanding of the universe. It was a hard paradigm shift to make and was resisted by those in positions of power who were invested in protecting those beliefs for various reasons.

Another barrier to truth is the manipulation of information promoted by the Intervention itself. The majority of us are not even remotely aware of an Intervention. Of those who are aware, many are greatly misinterpreting their purpose for being here. And this is not by accident. If we gain knowledge of their presence and the true awareness of their purpose here then their plans will be thwarted. They will have to withdraw. They will not take us by force but they can take us through manipulation. Fear, confusion, distortion, deception and appealing to our beliefs in and hopes of salvation are their tools. Belief is fallible and often incorrect. The truth is our greatest weapon. Knowledge is our greatest hope.

The fact that we are not alone, the fact that there are other races thousands of years ahead of us technologically, that humanity is not the pinnacle of creation and that God is the author of countless races in the universe is another enormous and extraordinary paradigm shift that will affect our views of ourselves, our history, our religion and our place in the universe. Is it any wonder that this is being denied, ridiculed and “debunked?” Or that those who are aware, appropriately cautious and don’t welcome the Intervention with open arms are label as “fear-based?”

Those who are facing the truth of this enormous shift are pioneers in a new evolutionary frontier. They will be the forerunners for future generations. You might be one of those pioneers. We need many pioneers now. We don’t have 200 years to make this shift. Time moves more quickly now. Advances come at a much greater pace. More of us need to educate ourselves about the extraterrestrial Intervention so we can see with clarity and make wise decisions on behalf of ourselves and our children. We need sobriety, insight, objectivity and wisdom to face the great change that is occurring right now, as I write this. Now is the time for each of us to become aware, to face our fears, to see, know and act with Knowledge and strength regarding the presence of alien races and how this will impact our freedom.

“Today let not fear overtake your mind. Let not the habit of negative imagination capture your attention and emotions. Be involved with life as it truly is, which you may perceive without condemnation. … Your fearlessness in the future must not be born of pretense, but born of your certainty in Knowledge. In this way, you will be a refuge of peace and source of wealth for others. This is what you are meant to be. This is why you have come into the world.” Step 162

Step136 My Purpose is to Reclaim My Knowledge and to Allow it to Express Itself in the World.

Reclaiming and expressing Knowledge in the world. This is the world I have come to serve. Wow. I sometime ask… What else do I need to learn? What else do I need to be aware of?

Then I am lead in a certain direction. Right now the focus seems to be on learning about the mental environment and the physical environment. Specifically influence in the mental environment and the greater capacities of the deeper mind – Knowledge and the limits of the physical environment.

The New Message states that the only part of us that is truly free from influence is Knowledge. That is it. Our personal minds can learn to become aligned with Knowledge in time. But alone, my personal mind can be manipulated by those who are stronger and more concentrated. I used to think I was stronger in this area than I really am.

Being with someone who is more focused, regardless of whether that focus is for my benefit or not, can and has influenced me. I can think of times when I have been influenced by someone when I have been less certain and less convicted in my position. I have experienced this. I have learned to never underestimate the power of the mental environment.

We each have Knowledge within us. It is our purpose to reclaim this Knowledge. I must exercise my conviction and my inherent strengths embodied within my deeper mind; my Knowledge. This is our spiritual gift.

“People everywhere have great spiritual gifts that can enable them to see and to know clearly. These gifts are needed now. They need to be recognized, employed and shared freely.” p. 13. Allies, Book One.

The practice of Steps to Knowledge provides the preparation and the ability to recognize, employ and share these gifts. It is so needed right now. We are far less likely to be influenced in the mental environment when we reclaim Knowledge.

I recently learned that science has determined that only four to seven percent of the universe is made of physical matter. Four to seven percent. That’s it. That’s not very much. However, our current scientific method of determining what is real rests on the premise that physical matter is the basis for all reality. Since physical matter comprises only four to seven percent of the universe that leaves a great deal that is not currently defined, recognized or understood.

Just because it is not defined, recognized or understood does not mean it does not exist or is not experienced. We might not yet accept it or understand it. We might have even experienced it but dismissed it because it did not fit into this paradigm. Clearly the mental environment is not matter, but yet we do indeed experience it. We have probably all had the experience of walking into a room and knowing something was wrong. This is a direct experience. Very real. Very palpable. No physical matter involved. We really need to expand our perception of ourselves, consciousness, the universe and ourselves in the universe.

Knowledge is vast, it is something that one can feel and experience. Unfortunately, it has been lost to most of us who have been steeped in this pragmatic matter-focused world view.

Knowledge is part of what exists within the other ninety-three to ninety-six percent of reality. It is not something that can be quantified by our existing scientific method yet it has been known and experienced by others throughout history. Knowledge brings us out of the trappings of the personal mind. It is what can save us.

Knowledge can lead us to greater awareness and understanding. Knowledge is an experience that can be reclaimed. It is mysterious. We can’t nail it down. But we can listen and become still. In this stillness comes greater awareness and clarity.

So, I practice and am thankful for this gift… today my purpose is to reclaim Knowledge – and as I reclaim Knowledge then Knowledge can express itself… in not just four to seven percent of the world… but in one hundred percent of the world and beyond.

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