A couple days ago I awoke feeling quite unsettled and uncomfortable. It was a pervasive feeling that I experience from time to time and have come to understand that these feelings are due to the extraterrestrial presence in our world.

 In the Teachings of the New Message this extraterrestrial presence is called the Intervention. The races that make up this collective Intervention have significantly advance technology and are very concentrated mentally. They have the ability to influence the thinking and feeling of people in their vicinity and those they focus on.

This presence is not here to serve our best interests. They will and do present themselves as benign beings to those who are receptive. To those who are not receptive they attempt to mentally torment them. However, there is a greater strength to call on and that greater strength is the power and presence of Knowledge. It is the greatest power there is. This power is within us. It is our inner knowing or inner guidance. It can be cultivated and strengthened through the study and practice of Steps to Knowledge.

I have been a student of Steps for a little over two years and have found the teachings and the practice of Steps to be immensely beneficial in combating these influences. It takes constancy and perseverance on my part. I have learned that I must be very strong within my own mental environment. I have learned to utilize the Teachings and to call on the Angelic Presence to assist me in becoming a clear and present force that is not swayed.

That unsettled morning I read Step 30 of Steps to Knowledge – The Continuation Training which was my Step for that day’s practice. It could not have been more perfect for what I needed to work on. The Step read… “To realize my strength, I must exercise my authority.”

As I read the step, engaged in practice and read a chapter in “Relationship and Higher Purpose” called “The Problem of Evil and the Forces of Dissonance” I began to penetrate what I was experiencing and integrate the Wisdom in these two Teachings. I have the authority to protect myself from these dissonant forces. It is my right and responsibility to do so.

I often write as I work through things. As I focused on this issues, a “statement” or a “prayer” emerged as I engaged in this work. This statement comes directly from the two sources listed above. It is something I reread and spend time with on different occasions to absorb the full meaning. The following is the result of that day’s practice in exercising my authority.


 To realize my strength, I must exercise my authority.


I exercise authority

in preserving my own mind

and dedicate my mind to a greater purpose –

the reclamation and contribution of Knowledge.


I guard my mind against intrusion and false persuasion.

I do not underestimate the forces of opposition.


I recognize the problem that exists;

I see the world as it exists;

I see myself as I am.


I discern the forces that are influencing human thinking and behavior.

I deal with this reality objectively,

without fear and negative imagination.


I accept the condition of physical life.

Knowing that Knowledge is not threatened by the presence of evil,

It merely seeks to deal with it constructively.

Knowing that Knowledge is not dismayed nor is it influenced by evil.


Only if I neglect this great authority am I vulnerable to these forces.


So, in order to maintain my authority

I exercise authority in preserving my own mind.

I dedicate my mind to the power and presence of Knowledge

and utilize each opportunity to strengthen myself

and everyone around me.


I remember that in the Universe

the power and presence of Knowledge

is the greatest power there is.


I realize my strength, I exercise my authority.


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Begin the practice of Steps to Knowledge free online at http://www.newmessage.org/pdf/steps-to-knowledge.pdf 


To engage in the Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training a student must complete Steps to Knowledge twice through following the instruction as they are given and without altering the curriculum in any way.