Our world is at a threshold where we need a greater Knowledge and Wisdom to
educate, inspire and prepare us for the future. This is the only book of
spiritual practice which actually prepares the reader for the world’s destiny in
a Greater Community of intelligent life. Steps takes the reader on a journey
where the experience of Self Knowledge is initiated. By practicing stillness and
focused inquiry, its 365 daily lessons mysteriously open the mind to revelation
and provide the context for realizing who you are, why you are here and what you
must accomplish.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE represents the essence of spirituality as it is taught,
practiced and shared in the Greater Community of Worlds.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE is a gift from the Creator to enable humanity to establish a foundation for peace and cooperation within the human family and to
spiritually prepare for its destined encounter with intelligent life from the
Greater Community.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE provides the lessons and practices that are essential for
learning and living The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. In its 365 practices or “steps” it presents the road map to Knowledge, the Knowing Mind, and lays the foundation for learning and applying Greater Community Knowledge and Wisdom.

STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE is for those who have the need to know and who feel the
need to prepare.