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To have a greater sense of value about my own life is really a significant change in my understanding and experience of myself in the world. I am necessary. We are all necessary. What we do here matters. It matters a great deal.

I have really never valued my life in the way that this Step suggests. I have felt better-than and I have felt less-than. At times I felt a great stirring within for which I had no form of expression. Now there is a means and a preparation. To feel and understand my presence here in the world in a greater context provides a clearer way of assessing myself and others. This step speaks to a greater meaning and value in life for each of us.

“Your life is necessary. It is not a biological accident. It is not a mere chance circumstance that you arrived in this world. Your life is necessary. If you could but recall what you went through to come into this world and the preparation that was required—both within this world and beyond—for you to emerge here, then you would realize the importance of your being here and the importance of the Knowledge that you carry within you. Your life is necessary. There is no form of conceit here. It is simply a recognition of truth. In your evaluation of yourself, your life is either pathetic or grandiose. Yet, the necessity of your life has nothing to do with your evaluations, though your evaluations can bring you closer to or take you farther from this one true recognition.

Your life is necessary. Understand this and it will banish your sense of self-judgment and condemnation. Understand this and it will bring humility into your self-grandiose ideas. Understand this and your plans may then in time be adjusted to Knowledge itself, for your life is necessary.”

I carry Knowledge within me. This is the gift that the practice of Steps to Knowledge reveals incrementally. Its like being born again to the authenticity that is my inherent right. It comes without conceit or an inflated sense of self. It is more like a settling into true relationship with myself, with others and the world.

I am sent into the world to serve my Spiritual Family, which serves this world and all worlds in the physical universe.

I am part of a greater force for good and I am a beginning student of Knowledge.

I am thankful for the gift that has been given which I am now beginning to comprehend.

With complete faithfulness and devotion I will continue my practice this day so that I may appreciate the value of my own life.

Only a greater preparation provided by the Creator can cut through the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of why we are here and what we have come to do. May I learn these lessons well. May I carry Knowledge into the world wherever I go. May I fulfill my destiny here. May I serve the greatest good for all concerned as we cross this great threshold into the Greater Community of Intelligent Life in the Universe. This is my wish, for my life is necessary.

Nasi Novare Coram



A brief story…

Marshall Vian Summers was sent into the world to receive a New Message from God.

He was prepared over a very long time to become its Messenger. His life gave him opportunities to gain a fundamental education about the world, to learn about relationships and self-expression and to develop his awareness of the human condition.

He was ignited spiritually at an early age, especially through his experiences in nature. As a young man, his journeys through the wilderness of North America continued his mysterious education. After graduating from the university, he became a teacher for blind children. During this time he began to experience and rely upon an Inner Voice to guide him in his work. Acknowledged for his talents in the field of special education, he was offered the opportunity to make this his life’s work. Yet the Inner Voice compelled him to decline and to re-enter the wilderness for many months. Following this time of reckoning and relinquishment, he returned to the world of people and culture and began to teach the principles of Self Knowledge, which he did for seven years.

In 1982, at the age of 33, he had a direct encounter with the Unseen Ones, the Angelic Presence who had been guiding and preparing him all along. This encounter forever altered the course of his life and initiated him into a deeper relationship with them, requiring that he surrender his life to God.

Soon after this encounter, Marshall knew he had to leave his students and his teaching, his relationships and his home in the city to wander again. This was a difficult, inexplicable and solitary period for him. His wandering led him to retreat in the desert of the American Southwest where the Angelic Presence came to him again. And so began the long mysterious process of receiving God’s New Message for humanity.

During the years that followed, Marshall’s role as a teacher had to evolve so that he, as the one destined to become the receiver of the New Message and its Messenger, would be ready. He had to have enough worldly wisdom and enough skill and integrity as a communicator, as a teacher and as one who is visionary and who has insight, to be able to receive a Message of this magnitude given over a very long period of time. He had to learn about the reality and spirituality of intelligent life in the Universe, which in the New Message is called the Greater Community. In addition, he had to be able to endure thousands of hours of direct contact with the Angelic Presence, receiving and recording the New Message from God. This put a great strain upon him, both mentally and physically. It is a process that few in the world today understand.

Even though Marshall Vian Summers was sent into the world destined to be the Messenger, he would not know this for many years. It would only be revealed to him much later, in the latter stages of receiving the New Message itself. For there is always the risk of the Messenger failing—by tampering with the Message, denying the Message or being unable to make the ongoing sacrifices required to receive and present the Message. Therefore, it was necessary that Marshall reach a level of individual maturity and wisdom in order to receive the greater mission and calling which were his to claim.

Though he has carried the weight and responsibility of this new Revelation for many years, Marshall Vian Summers has maintained his humility and humanity throughout his long and inexplicable journey of bringing a new message from God into the world. No messenger has ever been able to do this alone. Thus, a mysterious sequence of events led people to him. The first to find and join him was his wife, who has supported him since 1983 and has made her own sacrifices to ensure that the New Message could be delivered. Over the years, a small group of individuals, one by one, followed a calling which ultimately led them to take up their position to support this great work. He also has been blessed with a son, who has now chosen to join him in his mission.

Now, after years of working quietly without worldly recognition, the time has come for him and those called to help him to bring the gift of the New Message to humanity at this time of great change and uncertainty.

Where can Marshall Vian Summers be heard?

Marshall Vian Summers has given the last 25 years of his life to receiving and quietly teaching the New Message from God.

For much of the year he works in seclusion in the Rocky Mountains of the United States.

Several times a year, he comes forth to present a public teaching from the New Message at the Greater Community Sanctuary in Boulder, Colorado. People from around the world are invited to these teachings to experience for themselves the power and presence of the New Message.

On rare occasions Marshall travels to other places in the United States and abroad to provide the warning, the blessing and the preparation contained within the New Message.

Written and spoken messages and teachings from Marshall Vian Summers are available here at and at

“With Knowledge you are free in the world. You are free to join. You are free to leave. You are free to make agreements. You are free to complete and change agreements. You are free to surrender yourself. You are free to extricate yourself. In Knowledge you are free.”

The practice of Steps to Knowledge is not only the fundamental preparation for connecting with the deeper intelligence with us, it is also the fundamental preparation for interaction with intelligent life in the universe. This step speaks to what is essential for our emergence into the Greater Community and is quite profound. It holds a great truth. We are free. We are free to change course. We are free to decide to extricate ourselves from the manipulation and influence of the extraterrestrial Intervention. We are free to become a wise and self-determined race.

As the New Message states, the promise for humanity is in the awakening of the individual. And over time, with practice I am disentangled from the domination of conditioning and ignorance. I am free to see with clarity and objectivity. I am free to leave situations that do not serve. I am free to disengage myself from relationships that do not support this amazing and transforming journey.

I found that in the beginning it is a solo journey, not everyone can move and change with me. It says somewhere in the Teachings that we go to God alone but we are not alone for long. Along the way we join with others who are also reclaiming and contributing Knowledge. It is the process of disengaging from the dominate culture and a life that does not truly serve that wields the initial loneliness.

I am moving and changing and I have a deeper understanding of this step today than I did the first time around. This journey takes time. It takes perseverance. It takes significant honesty and courage. With that it does produce results. First I had to apply the lesson this step teaches to my own personal life. As I practiced, my comprehension and understanding changed. It was pretty bumpy at times. As it is said by Marshall Vian Summers (the individual bringing this message to the world) it is like starting a revolution from within. Its an inside job, for the change happens in our own minds and hearts. The teachings also state that with every moment spent in sincere application and practice we advance permanently and tremendously. This is the promise of Steps to Knowledge and with sincere application we do indeed advance. It is amazing to me.

As I have immersed myself in this profound spiritual practice, my experience and comprehension has expanded. If I can do this, you can do this. I needed to grow beyond my own limited ideas, beliefs and notions regarding our place in the universe. I needed to venture from the path I was on. It is through practicing these steps that I am freed incrementally, with each step I take. And as more of us do this we can free ourselves from the influence of the extraterrestrial presence that is here for their own self-interest and we can then ultimately join with those races who support freedom and Knowledge throughout the universe.

The first step starts with the revolution within remembering that the promise for humanity lies in the awakening of the individual.

“In Knowledge you are free. There is no restraint now, for Knowledge will merely give you where you are intended to be given and express itself through you where it is intended to be expressed. This will free you from all inappropriate involvements and engagements and will lead you to those individuals who are waiting for you.”

A Summary from the Teachings of the New Message from God Regarding Races that Promote Freedom and Knowledge in Evolving Worlds

There are individuals from free races in the universe called the Allies of Humanity. They uphold and promote ethical practices in the Greater Community and they promote the reclamation and development of Knowledge. Knowledge is an innate ability carried within each of us. In most of us this Knowledge is faint and undeveloped but it can and does speak to us. If we are going against this great internal navigator we will be ill-at-ease with ourselves. If we are going against Knowledge it will give rise to anxiety. This is our internal warning system. This is what we must learn to listen to. Anxiety is a warning that we are attempting to do something that is not in harmony with our greater knowing and purpose. Feelings of discomfort are not to be denied or misinterpreted as personal psychological problems. Following Knowledge can save much pain and suffering. It can also save your life and the lives of others.

The Allies of Humanity uphold and promote the development of Knowledge. It is a universal spiritual teaching from God. This teaching is called The Greater Community Way of Knowledge and it is being presented to our world at this crucial time. Knowledge is universal and translatable to all intelligent beings everywhere. It is a spirituality that prepares us for engaging with the power and presence of the deeper intelligence within us. It is also the essential preparation for contact and communication with intelligent life in the universe.

The Allies of Humanity represent a group of individuals who are part of a greater network of spiritually advanced races called the Harim (which means those with great skill). They work in harmony and association with each other through the Angelic Presence or Unseen Ones. The Allies of Humanity are the intermediaries between the invisible world or permanent reality of the Angelic Presence and the visible world or the temporary reality which we inhabit.

The Allies are held together through a great network of communication that utilizes the Angelica Presence. The Angelic Presence work on behalf of the Creator in order to preserve and promote unity, harmony and Knowledge throughout the Universe. The Allies and the Angelic Presence represent a strong spiritual alliance working toward the reclamation and expression of Knowledge everywhere in the Greater Community. Their skill is great, their presence is hidden, they recognize us because we are emerging into a very difficult and competitive environment.

The Allies of Humanity serve as an example to us that even with the limitations and difficulties in our world, maintaining freedom is possible and essential. Their skill has verified what can be done in the physical universe and what needs to be done in our world at this time. They are concerned with truth and education. They serve as an example of accomplishment with the appropriate preparation.

They promote the development of Knowledge in order to discern the truth. This will enable us to discern other races from the Greater Community which we do not yet understand. Knowledge is the only part of our minds that cannot be influenced or dominated. It is the only part of our minds that is pure. Knowledge will guide us in knowing how and with whom to interact. The Allies speak to those who can be initiated into Knowledge. They speak through a means that can bridge the great gulf of time and space. They have gone through what we are now experiencing – an Intervention from races who are in search of procuring resources.

The Allies and the Angelic Presence teach that spiritually advanced races remain hidden and do not engage in extensive trade with collectives and resource explorers. This ensures the preservation of their freedom. Their message advises us to educate ourselves and learn of the complexities into which we are emerging so that we may retain our independence in the presence of other races which do not uphold freedom and self-determination. Freedom is hard to achieve and maintain in the physical universe and the Allies have put themselves at great risk to inform humanity of the great peril that is on our shores. They too were informed by a group like themselves.

The Allies of Humanity send a message of hope and warning. The group bringing this message included nine spiritually advanced individuals from nine difference worlds. They located themselves in our solar system in order to observe the Intervention and report their findings which are contained within the books The Allies of Humanity, Book One and Book Two. They ask nothing in return except that we study The Way of Knowledge and become serious students. Through educating ourselves and practicing Steps to Knowledge we begin to see beyond the limitations of our current ideas, beliefs, hope and fears. Only a wise group who are well versed in the challenges of life beyond our shores can provide the education that we need.

The Allies and the Angelic Presence states that in the reality of physical life, intervention is always carried out for self-interest and that all races present in our world today pose a great risk. We need only look to our own past and the behavior of nations and groups of individuals to see that this is true. When colonialism arrived on the shores of America they brought what was promoted as an advancement for the native people. They brought a form of religion, education and technology that were unheard of by the native peoples. Many of the early settlers were well meaning, but the outcome was ultimately devastating.

Looking at ourselves from the perspective of being the native peoples of our world is wise and shows great insight and discernment. It is not a fearful position. It is a position born of clarity and objectivity that has been taught to us throughout time. There are many examples of this throughout history. America is not alone in this phenomenon. Observing nature at work in the physical universe provides many clues as to how the greater physical universe works. We are all subject to the requirements of living in a physical reality whether we live here on earth or are from another distant planet. Those races, nations or peoples who have experienced intervention from other races, nations or peoples have experienced the danger of destruction and subjugation. History has taught us this. The Allies and the Angelic Presence teach us this. It is born of direct experience and Knowledge.

Technologically we are way behind the races intervening in our world today but we are not without hope or power. We can prepare through Knowledge. These nations of races see a great opportunity in which to gain access to our world’s great wealth and strategic importance. If we strip the world of its resources, the only way to survive is to accept assistance from others. We would then be subjected to influences and requirements place upon us by nations who are not human and do not have human values. We would become reliant on very repressive trade networks and collectives. We would have to compromise our freedom and values. We would be subjected to strong political influence with very restrictive terms of engagement. We would no longer be preeminent in our own world. The Allies provide great encouragement and state that gaining strength in Knowledge is our only true hope. Undertaking the preparation in Knowledge enables us to contend with the problems that are inherent in our world, understand and discern the motives of those intervening and develop as a sovereign self-determined race. With every individual and group of individuals who can receive this gift, Knowledge becomes stronger and our success becomes greater.

Our emergence into the Greater Community is the biggest and greatest threshold that humanity will ever have to face. It is the most consequential event in human history. It will change everything and it will determine our future. We are a race that is being discovered and therefore we are the race that needs to prepare. The Allies come to inform and encourage a preparation. They do not come to exploit, control, gain access to resources or to influence our development, for it is unethical to do so in the Greater Community.

To quote from Steps to Knowledge… “You have great friends beyond this world. …the Greater Community represents a broader range of its true relationships. You have true friends beyond the world because you are not alone in the world and you are not alone in the Greater Community of Worlds. You have friends beyond this world because your Spiritual Family has its representatives everywhere. You have friends beyond this world because you are working not merely on the evolution of your world but on the evolution of the universe as well. Beyond your imagination, beyond your conceptual capabilities, this is most certainly true.”

The Allies of Humanity represent this great friendship. They promote and fortify peace, unity, understanding and compassion in the world and throughout the universe. They assist humanity in this great endeavor. Let us learn from their wisdom and experience on behalf of all of humanity as we enter this great evolutionary threshold.

All material presented above can be found in the following resources:


Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation, Chapter 15, Who Serves Humanity?

The Allies of Humanity (Book One and Book Two)

Steps to Knowledge, Step 211.

New Message Recording:

Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe”

I read some things yesterday about the extraterrestrial presence that would have really stirred up great fear if I had read them a year ago. Today I am stronger with Knowledge. I have a greater sense of myself as a visitor from my Ancient Home. I am my True Self and I have a physical vehicle and a mental vehicle to utilize for the greater good while I am here. It took me many years to figure this out. I tried many spiritual paths to find answers to questions I did not even know I had. Practicing Steps to Knowledge and reading the wealth of other Teachings from the New Message from God has enabled my understanding and experience of God and the Universe to change and grow. I have always felt a connection to a world beyond this one and for me this practice and body of Wisdom has provided a means of directly understanding and experiencing my Self, my origins, the universe and beyond.

Knowing that I am an eternal being with greater capacities is not something that I was taught in school or even in the church I attended as a young girl. I knew something greater was available to me but I did not really know how to access it or apply it in my life. As I study, apply and practice from this new growing perspective I am able be more objective and compassionate regarding the state of our world and the intervening forces from beyond that are here to garner the world’s resources for their own use. They are without Knowledge or they would not be intervening in this manner. I am reclaiming my Knowledge and therefore am gaining a greater perspective. I see now that the physical world is a place I have come to serve and to give the needed gifts from the Source of all creation.

So, there is an Intervention taking place. Several years ago a friend pointed out a book that dealt with UFOs and aliens. I wanted nothing to do with it. I didn’t even want to look at it. I can personally understand the opposition to looking at the phenomenon that is taking place. I remember the immediate feeling of discomfort and aversion. I also knew the consequences of taking such a stance. I was aware of the way people were ridiculed and ruined for making such statements and having such beliefs. I was not yet ready to see or to know what has been taking place right here on earth, behind the scenes, all over the world for many decades.

There is a very intentional effort to confuse, obfuscate and deny that there is an alien presence in our world and that this presence is not acting in our best interest. This effort to conceal comes from governments and from the extraterrestrial presence itself. It is rooted in fear and the desire for the continued acquisition of technological and biological resources.

When I first started reading and investigating the alien presence in our world I had to take a deep breath and go for it. I felt terrified. I felt like I was going to spin out of control. I called on Knowledge and my Inner Teacher for assistance in facing this. I knew I could not do it alone or with the resources that I had acquired from my culture, family, religion, university education or from peers. I needed a greater help than this. Facing the alien presence scared me to my core. It frightened me because I could see my absolute lack of control over something far bigger than me. I felt exposed and extremely vulnerable.

I bravely, and sometimes not so bravely, read the books of Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Eve Lorgen and, the woman I most admire who gave her life in pursuit of the truth, Dr. Karla Turner. I watched “Out of the Blue.” I watched any video on Youtube and Google that revealed information about the extraterrestrial presence that I could find. As I dug into this subject I found an enormous wealth of material, information, documented government involvement and knowledge, witness testimony from all branches of the military, pilot testimony and on and on and on. To say that there is no proof is to be blind to what is right before us. It is easy to dismiss the Intervention when you don’t want to see or know. That I understand well.

For me my own fear was the greatest barrier to looking at the truth of the Intervention. Arrogance is another barrier. If science continues to believe that we are alone and believes that others cannot engage in space travel simply because we can’t, then it will be difficult at best to acknowledge that alien craft are in existence and extraterrestrials are establishing themselves in our world right here, right now.

Power and control are other barriers. In the 16th century Giordano Bruno persistently and openly stated that the earth revolved around the sun. This was contrary to the belief that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around it. For stating the truth he was imprisoned in a dungeon for 6 years and then burned at the stake as a heretic. It took over 200 years for religious institutions and governments to accept the fact that indeed the earth revolves around the sun. Belief changed over time and the fact that the sun is the center of our solar system is common knowledge today. But there was great opposition to expanding our understanding of the universe. It was a hard paradigm shift to make and was resisted by those in positions of power who were invested in protecting those beliefs for various reasons.

Another barrier to truth is the manipulation of information promoted by the Intervention itself. The majority of us are not even remotely aware of an Intervention. Of those who are aware, many are greatly misinterpreting their purpose for being here. And this is not by accident. If we gain knowledge of their presence and the true awareness of their purpose here then their plans will be thwarted. They will have to withdraw. They will not take us by force but they can take us through manipulation. Fear, confusion, distortion, deception and appealing to our beliefs in and hopes of salvation are their tools. Belief is fallible and often incorrect. The truth is our greatest weapon. Knowledge is our greatest hope.

The fact that we are not alone, the fact that there are other races thousands of years ahead of us technologically, that humanity is not the pinnacle of creation and that God is the author of countless races in the universe is another enormous and extraordinary paradigm shift that will affect our views of ourselves, our history, our religion and our place in the universe. Is it any wonder that this is being denied, ridiculed and “debunked?” Or that those who are aware, appropriately cautious and don’t welcome the Intervention with open arms are label as “fear-based?”

Those who are facing the truth of this enormous shift are pioneers in a new evolutionary frontier. They will be the forerunners for future generations. You might be one of those pioneers. We need many pioneers now. We don’t have 200 years to make this shift. Time moves more quickly now. Advances come at a much greater pace. More of us need to educate ourselves about the extraterrestrial Intervention so we can see with clarity and make wise decisions on behalf of ourselves and our children. We need sobriety, insight, objectivity and wisdom to face the great change that is occurring right now, as I write this. Now is the time for each of us to become aware, to face our fears, to see, know and act with Knowledge and strength regarding the presence of alien races and how this will impact our freedom.

“Today let not fear overtake your mind. Let not the habit of negative imagination capture your attention and emotions. Be involved with life as it truly is, which you may perceive without condemnation. … Your fearlessness in the future must not be born of pretense, but born of your certainty in Knowledge. In this way, you will be a refuge of peace and source of wealth for others. This is what you are meant to be. This is why you have come into the world.” Step 162

We look at these states of power, poverty, wealth and giving not from the perspective of what corporations, governments and mass consciousness promote and consider poverty and wealth, but to look at what these states of being mean from a deeper spiritual perspective.

Poverty from a deeper spiritual perspective is about the poverty of the spirit. Poverty is the inability to give, to unite, to see the world with compassion and clarity. It is the inability to see ourselves with compassion and clarity. Poverty in this regard is about being lost and alone and attempting to get what we feel we lack from the world. Being and living in this state we forget our true inherent wealth which is quietly waiting within us. This type of poverty attempts to amass possessions. It attempts to keep possessions already acquired and get more, believing that this will bring wealth, safety and security. It is actually a desperate state. It is fearful, lonely and filled with anxiety. It is destructive. When in this state it is difficult to give. A person, corporation or government in this state is required to take. This is truly a state of spiritual poverty and destitution.

Spiritual poverty leads to many of the world’s ills that are so apparent today. Being spiritually impoverished leads to a desire for control and the misuse of power. Power itself is neutral. It is the motivation behind power, whether for good or ill, that exerts an influence. We each have power. But we have been lulled into thinking we are helpless or that it is right and acceptable to use power to gain what we want at the expense of others, the earth or the environment.

Attempting to amass great material wealth beyond our needs is spiritual poverty. It has become quite pervasive and is destructive. The root cause does not want to be identified or exposed for what it is. Poverty of spirit can lead to a desperate attempt to acquire more, to take, to hoard, to plunder, to see the world in terms of what can be used for the benefit of only a few. It is the antithesis to giving and uniting for the greater good.

Humanity is at a critical tipping point. Many people can feel this even though it may be ill defined or misunderstood. Spiritual poverty and a world undergoing great change is at the heart of this discomfort.

Even though our plight has a spiritual answer it does not mean that we all need to practice a certain religion or follow a particular path. What this does means is that we must reengage with our own heart. We must have a change of heart. The wealth of spirit is within us and is ours to reclaim. We have never lost it. It has been there all along. But it has been buried under consumerism, delusion, preoccupation, fantasy, distraction and denial.

Stillness and rethinking about where we are at and what we are doing is part of this process of reclaiming our inherent wealth – our inner guidance or Knowledge – this true part of ourselves that we have become divorced from. It is time to reengage with our inner knowing and compassionately confront the obstacles in our path. Do not look to governments, groups or even your neighbors for the answer. It happens within the individual. Within me. Within you. A theme that is worth repeating is that the promise for humanity is in the awakening of the individual. Without denial or interference on our part Knowledge will guide us in reclaiming our heritage and we can then honor and support giving, uniting and sharing the wealth – this is power for good and is the only power that is sustainable in the long run. Do not ask more from the world than those few material things you need to fulfill your function in the world. Beyond that is real poverty.

Seek true spiritual wealth and you will consciously become a powerful force for good in the world. With consistent application in the reclamation of Knowledge a greater and more responsible understanding of power, wealth, poverty and giving will emerge. Deep within each of us is the Knowledge that we have come here to give instead of take. We have this great wealth. We awaken to its power and inclusive strength by making the necessary changes in our own lives in order to support this in others. In giving yourself to your practice you affirm your own wealth already, which only needs to be affirmed to be fully realized.

Steps to Knowledge: Steps 155-161.

There are two great functions of the mind. Stillness or constructive thinking and investigation.

That’s it.

In service to Knowledge (our Inner Guidance) these are the two uses of the mind that bring us to a real and direct experience of life. I am working toward this. I find that there are many times I am engaged in speculation, imagination or fantasy. Much of my childhood and young adulthood was spent in bondage to my mind. My mind was conditioned by my familial experience and by cultural expectations. Much of what I experienced in life was rather harsh and I gladly escaped into reading and imagination.

Being present, still and completely aware of my direct experience at that time was not possible due to my youth and conditions. But now with maturity and the experience of disappointment and disillusionment regarding the state of the world and my role in it, engaging my mind in these two forms of mental engagement is desired and welcomed. This is not to say that I am always successful. Years and years of beliefs, ideas, thought patterns and habits do not disappear overnight.

During stillness meditation tonight I had to exercise refocusing my mind many times. I would find that I had wandered off into unrelated imagined conversations with others or thoughts of the past or interactions I have had. But in bringing myself back to stillness I would experience the freedom, power and gift of stillness… an alert expansive timelessness… and then… wander off again.

It is work. It takes concentration and refocusing again and again.

The reward is there, however, and that is the motivation in doing this. Also knowing that this practice impacts the world beyond myself brings a level of commitment that I don’t think I could muster for myself alone.

Engaging in stillness or constructive thinking disengages us from the waves of fear and discordant mental influence all around us and within us. It tips the balance toward unity and harmony instead of separation and strife. If I am unable to be at peace within myself I will never be able to tolerate peace in my environment. Engaging in this type of practice sets me squarely as a supporter of a greater force for good instead of blindly and unwittingly reinforcing the forces of confusion and dissonance. It is a great undertaking. It is an important undertaking and the benefit of this is not for me alone.

The New Message states that the promise for humanity is in the awakening of the individual. One individual here. One individual there. Changing the force and direction of life. Gaining momentum and strength. Supporting and touching others we may never meet to do the same. Ultimately each individual joins with other individuals and we all progress.

At the start it is a lone process. We must be brave and courageous and face the loneliness and isolation of striking out on a different path. It is paradoxical that we must separate off in order to join. We are disengaging from mass consciousness. This separation from the dominant forces of confusion and dissonance leads to a far greater unity than I can comprehend. I experience moments and periods of time when I feel and experience this unity directly – I experience being a part of something much greater.

It moves me forward. It enables me to see the world as it truly exists and not as I wish it to exist. I can then engage in reality from a core strength that is pervasive and unchanging. We each hold the key to real and lasting change for ourselves and for the world through finding and following Knowledge within. It is the one thing within us that can not be manipulated or influenced by outside forces.

One individual here. One individual there. Changing the force and direction of life. It is what will save us.


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