A Freedom Movement Prayer: Resisting the Intervention


I pray that all minds awaken to the power and presence of Knowledge within us.

Let us become strong and knowledgeable regarding life in the Universe

and let us wisely prepare for our future in the Greater Community.


Let Knowledge awaken objectivity, clarity

and a real understanding of the Intervention’s motives.

May Knowledge within guide and influence humanity for our greatest good.


Let us now unite and join together in the face of the Intervention.

Let us forge human unity and cooperation for the preservation of our world.

I pray we face our greatest threat and our greatest challenge with courage and compassion.

I pray that we recognize our greater spiritual power; a power that has the strength to

unite humanity and ensure a future as a free and self-determined people.


I pray that we now call upon the power of the Unseen Ones, the Angelic Presence,

to help us gain perseverance, strength and encouragement.

Let us gain a strong position of resistance to the Intervention.

Let us unite in this resistance without anger or fear.

Let us manifest this resistance through the power of Knowledge within us.

In so doing, we actively offset the dangerous influence of the Intervention itself.


I pray that we refuse the offerings and the persuasions of the Intervention.

I pray that the Intervention becomes know to enough people so it can

no longer function in secrecy.

I pray that the minds and hearts of people everywhere not be turned

by persuasion, seduction or intimidation.


When this is so, when we have refused, have exposed and have not turned

and have become strong in Knowledge

the Intervention has no power over us and must withdraw.

In the universe, Knowledge is the greatest power there is. We have this power.

May we reclaim it and exercise it now.


This prayer draws on the Teachings revealed by Marshall Vian Summers and includes revised excerpts from The New Message from God and the Allies of Humanity Briefings.

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