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Students engage in the higher altitudes of this learning and living environment.

Students engage in the higher altitudes of this learning and living environment.

The Free School of the New Message from God began March 1, 2012 with a global community of students enrolling to take in each session’s teachings. These students will be the first to receive a Revelation given to Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger, who describes himself as its very first student.

The Free School congregates online through a weekly chat, monthly live broadcasts, mid-session conference calls, study partnerships and a school forum. It also convenes in face to face events like its annual “hajj” called the Encampment which meets in the Rocky Mountains of the American West. People also meet in Boulder, Colorado at another event delving into a new understanding of our local region of space called Life in the Universe.

So far, the school has approximately 200 students enrolled from over 29 countries at various stages of studying the New Message. The online school is described by Patricia Summers, wife of the Messenger, as the “one room schoolhouse” for the world.

The purpose of the school is to provide an environment for those to gather to “take it in – take it out” in a self-study style learning environment. “It” being the vast body of teachings of which The New Message from God is comprised.

Its Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, is still relatively obscure and unknown but he posits that the The New Message from God brings its students to the threshold of answering the big questions: 1) Why am I in the world? 2) What am I here to do? and 3)What is humanity’s destiny?

Has the Creator spoken again? If so, this is the place to go.


First Art Show Hosted by Students of the New Message From God

Released By Vartooka Publishing

BOULDER, Colo., January 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Several students of the New Message from God will be showing artwork in January inspired by their response to this new Revelation. The exhibit, “Steps to Knowledge: Art of the New Message”, will take place at prAna, located in a historic, 97-year-old building in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, (1147 Pearl Street) during the month of January, with a free and open to the public show on Friday, Jan 6, 2012, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Refreshments, including wine and cheese, will be served. Prints of the art and books of the New Message will be available for sale.

The artists will speak briefly about their art on display at the Friday night opening. Ellen Mitchell has a series of black and white drawings and several paintings that she started creating more than a decade ago, after moving to Boulder to be of service to the mission. When asked why she moved to Boulder in 1998, Ellen says, “I recognized that this [teaching] was offering a completely new understanding of the world, the cosmos, and of human destiny, and I needed to be part of that.”  Her art that sprang from her studenthood and service was her way of “…trying to grasp the enormity of the New Message.”

Likewise, Carol Coffey moved to Boulder in 1997, “To support and help in any way I could, and also to support other students on their journey.” She will be exhibiting a series of photographs of ‘steps’, i.e., stairways and passages, that were inspired by her own experience with Steps To Knowledge, the book of practices of the New Message. As she went deeper into her own practice, she says, “I suddenly started to see these impactful images out in the world that paralleled my own practice…my own journey with its challenges, beauty and inspiration.”

Thomas Forlano, a young man who moved his life to Boulder in 2010, will be showing several pastel drawings in addition to several crayon drawings he created around the time in his life he describes as ‘gestational”, when experiencing very powerful dreams. When asked why he came to Boulder, his response was that it was “primarily relationships”, a major theme in the New Message.

Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger, has been receiving the new Revelation for the past 30 years. His mission is to spread the Message he has been receiving for the past 30 years across the entire planet. The New Message has been given to guide, protect and prepare the human family, for we are entering a time of accelerated change and evolution.

Summers lives with his family in Boulder, CO, where a growing number of students have gathered. He formed a non-profit, The Society for the New Message From God, to facilitate his mission of getting the Revelation out into the world. In addition, there is a publishing arm of the Society, New Knowledge Library, a school of the New Message for learning, practicing and sharing the teaching, and the Society hosts several events a year. There are two groups that meet weekly in Boulder that are open to the public: a group  meditation every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm, and a Steps To Knowledge Study group every Sunday at 5:30 pm.

The teachings of the New Message have a following around the world, with its many thousands of pages already translated into more than a dozen languages. The website, has recently been updated with critical and timely teachings about individual inner and outer preparedness, greater purpose, life in the Greater Community, and many, many other topics that are essential for transitioning in a rapidly evolving world.

The originator the art show, Ellen Rosenthal, found the New Message in 2008. When encountering other students’ artwork, she found that “…the art touched something in me that I wanted others to have access to….” and that “…others have a right to know about the New Message…and the fun and beautiful images which give access to a Greater Reality.”

The Society for the New Message is on schedule to release four new books in 2012 (available in print and electronic versions) with timely information and teachings for every culture and religious denomination.

For more information about any of the books or events of the New Message, contact the Society at

CONTACT: Mary Sagar, 1-303-260-8709

SOURCE Vartooka Publishing 




This particular post contains a link that hosts a compilation of videos featuring just some of the women who have found a deep and powerful connection to God, to the Universe and to others through the New Message from God.

The New Message fully supports the emergence of women in matters of the spirit. It honors the capacity of women to see beyond the normal range of life and into the heart of our very being and the needs of the world at this time.

The New Message from God is fresh, pure and uncorrupted. It is like a seedling in the world that is beginning to sprout. Many more women and men around the world are responding to the call and germination of a greater life in service to all of humanity.

Start with the video in the right hand corner of Maureen talking about her questions about “knowing.” Then scroll down to see Howard speak on discovering how the world works, Ayesha sharing her understanding of empowerment for women raised in traditional cultures, Cindy speaking on hope and power for the individual and Reed sharing the enormity, discomfort and freedom that comes with embracing a new life.

Each of the women featured has listened to a part of herself that is barely recognized and honored in the world. She is listening to her inherent deeper nature and this deeper listening resonated with and ignited her very soul.

This is not a resonance and igniting of the soul simply for a select few. It is a pathway for the average woman and the average man from all around the world. It is for the people – the people of the world. The women of the world. Women like you. Women like me.

We are the future hope and promise for humanity.

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