This particular post contains a link that hosts a compilation of videos featuring just some of the women who have found a deep and powerful connection to God, to the Universe and to others through the New Message from God.

The New Message fully supports the emergence of women in matters of the spirit. It honors the capacity of women to see beyond the normal range of life and into the heart of our very being and the needs of the world at this time.

The New Message from God is fresh, pure and uncorrupted. It is like a seedling in the world that is beginning to sprout. Many more women and men around the world are responding to the call and germination of a greater life in service to all of humanity.

Start with the video in the right hand corner of Maureen talking about her questions about “knowing.” Then scroll down to see Howard speak on discovering how the world works, Ayesha sharing her understanding of empowerment for women raised in traditional cultures, Cindy speaking on hope and power for the individual and Reed sharing the enormity, discomfort and freedom that comes with embracing a new life.

Each of the women featured has listened to a part of herself that is barely recognized and honored in the world. She is listening to her inherent deeper nature and this deeper listening resonated with and ignited her very soul.

This is not a resonance and igniting of the soul simply for a select few. It is a pathway for the average woman and the average man from all around the world. It is for the people – the people of the world. The women of the world. Women like you. Women like me.

We are the future hope and promise for humanity.