Marshall Vian Summers celebrated a birthday yesterday. He is the Messenger of the New Message from God. This blog has been chronicling my experience of studying Steps to Knowledge and the other sacred texts revealed through Marshall by the Angelic Presence on behalf of the Creator.

Marshall Vian Summers is the Messenger for our time. He is sent by God to deliver a desperately needed message. These two statements deserve penetration and contemplation. The numerous Teachings he has revealed deserve great study. They hold sacred truths available to all who can respond.

I recently moved to Boulder, Colorado to be of greater service to the Messenger and the New Message. I moved from Michigan about a month ago and said good bye to my two adult sons. They are aware of why I moved, but perhaps do not understand the depth of my commitment or the significance of this living Revelation.

I have been sharing this message with both of them since I was lead to the New Message about two years ago. When I discussed moving with them they both supported my decision. But my youngest son wanted to know if I had complete faith in what I shared with him. He wanted to know if I truly knew that this was the Truth.

I paused and then replied, “I would stake my life on it.”

I know deep within me, beyond my ideas, beliefs and thoughts, that this man is the true Messenger of God. I know that he is part of a great heritage of Messengers sent into the world to serve the time and the needs of the people at a particular stage of development.

When, for example Jesus, Muhammad or Buddha were sent into the world, they delivered a message, the word of God, relevant to the times in which they were living. Most if not all of these messengers were denied by many at the time. But some inexplicably recognized, followed, supported, practiced and advocated for the teachings of that Messenger. The same holds true today. People all over the world are responding. Some, like myself, literally uproot their lives to serve the Messenger and the Message. Some live, practice and advocate for the Messenger and the New Message in their own countries – and sometimes at great risk. It is that big.

Marshall carries and delivers that pure of a message. A message I would stake my life on and give my life in service to. Is it easy? Hardly. It requires much of us. So much needs to be unlearned, redone, reclaimed… but as I have moved through letting go of the old and embracing the Truth great rewards are given. Thresholds are approached and moved through, beliefs, desires and preferences are sometimes painfully left behind. It is the call, the response and the practice that takes us out of our old lives and breathes renewed life into us and gives us a greater life in return.

The messages of antiquity were passed on orally and then later written down. Their words and teachings became the sacred texts for the religions that were born of their Teachers. Today we live in very different technological times. We don’t have the luxury of time. Today we are racing into the future. The New Message from God is being delivered through the technological means available now. This makes the message immediately available to all those who are exposed to it as the Revelation is being delivered – all around the world. It is available and accessible to all who become aware; to all who are reached. We are living in a time of Revelation. We are blessed.

God has sent a New Message, for God would not leave us to face great change without the method and means to bring unity, compassion, clarity and freedom to a world in need. The Messenger and Prophet, Marshall Vian Summers, is alive in the world today. Celebrate this. Receive this. The love of the Creator has again spoken: on this I would stake my life.

May this reach the hearts and minds of many. May the Messenger and the New Message from God be recognized and received by us. May we live the Message and pass the Message on to others. May we share the good news; embrace a greater life of purpose, meaning and direction. A life that will serve beyond our greatest expectations.


Happy birthday Marshall! Thank you for your enormous generosity and commitment. May we serve you and the New Message from God well and reclaim our inherent strength in Knowledge to serve a world in need.

Nasi Novare Coram