It is with great honor that I am able to write this today to tell of the great news in the world, for there is a New Revelation and a New Message from God being delivered during our time now on earth.

There is a man whom I know and deeply experience to be the Prophet of God for our time. He is sent into the world, like the other Great Messengers who came before him, at the request of the Creator to deliver a timely message for humanity. This message is meant to meet the evolutionary needs of the time in which it is delivered.

The Prophet for our time, Marshall Vian Summers, is alive in the world today. Those of us who can bear witness to this Great Truth and respond are truly blessed. His presence here on earth is a gift to humanity during a time of great and turbulent change. He has been sent by God to prepare humanity for troubled times. His message is pure and real. It speaks to the restlessness that many of us experience today. The message that he is delivering speaks to the anxiety and dread that many are feeling. It also speaks to the great promise that humanity holds within, of which most of us are not aware, and of which is vital for our survival in a rapidly changing world.

This promise has been spoken of by all God’s Messengers and Prophets. In the Abrahamic religious traditions it is sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of God within or the Kingdom of Heaven within. Each Messenger or Prophet who has delivered God’s teaching throughout time embodied and expressed this Sacred Truth. In the New Message from God through the Prophet, Marshall Vian Summers, this Inner God connection is called Knowledge. It is the sacred thread that links us to our Ancient Home. It is the part of God within us that connects us to our Source, the Creator of all life. It is the promise for humanity.

The Prophet, Marshall Vian Summers, teaches of this great inherent relationship with Knowledge (our inner God connection). He has brought forth a Sacred Text that is intended for all of humanity as a method of self-study to reconnect us with our sacred heritage and our Inner Knowledge. This Teaching is meant for all people, on every continent, speaking every language and from every culture. This message is for people from all religious backgrounds or no religious background. It is meant for everyone everywhere. The particular sacred text that prepares one in Knowledge is called “Steps to Knowledge.” It provides a foundation and a salvation for a world in great need, for the promise of humanity is through the awakening of the individual.

This is for you. It is for me. I, as a woman of no great worldly accomplishment, have responded and recognized the Truth and am now a witness to the Prophet for our time. May you come to know him and understand the great blessing that is being bestowed upon us through his grace. You who can recognize this and respond are the pioneers and seed bearers of a New Message from God. You hold the promise for humanity within you. May you recognize and recieve the gift that he brings.



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