I seek Knowledge above all else.

This past week or so has been very challenging and was pretty messy emotionally while I was in it but it has moved me. I have recognized things within myself that were uncomfortable to look at but which resulted in greater freedom, greater awareness and a need for greater responsibility. It has been rewarding. Movement is taking place. I am that much closer and more available to Knowledge. I am freer and more unburdened. Doing this inner work brings greater understanding. It brings me into greater relationship with my True Self, Knowledge and my Teachers.

It is about relationship, joining and reclaiming my participation with what is real. It is about recognition. The recognition of separation and what maintains that separation.

It also shows me that I have a responsibility for my condition. I need to be aware that when I am going through great discomfort regarding my errors from the past and recognition regarding my current thinking that I must stay with it, be honest and penetrate what is there. This process yields more than I think possible while I am in it. While I am in it I have a tendency to want to escape it. But it is necessary. It is a great unburdening.

My Teachers are already aware of my errors. I’m the one that needs to be aware of my errors. I am the one that needs to make the leaps in understanding and comprehension. I am the one who needs to participate in this relationship with Knowledge as a free and unburdened part of a greater reality. Only in this way can I contribute.

My desire to be of service must be grounded in Knowledge and not in imagination or fantasy regarding what this will be or look like or how I will be recognized or singled out or whatever other ideas based in separation I have about being part of the New Message from God. It is not about me. It is about the Message. It is about reclaiming inherent relationships and the Source while in the world. This is what must be contributed, not my individuality, my ideas, my expectations, etc. They are not only useless but a great hindrance in this arena.

I seek Knowledge above all else.