The following is a summary of the highlights that stood out for me from the Teaching  “The Watchtower” on the New Message from God website listed at the bottom. These phrases struck me in helping me become more clear and present, to be able to see and know in a very simple way – devoid of complexity and speculation. It says…

If you are not present to others or to life you are:

1. Lost in your thoughts

2. Hidden in self-defensiveness

3. Covered by suppressed feelings and emotions

4. Buried in reactions to the past

So this calls me to really look and explore my own self and what is preoccupying me and keeping me from being present.

It goes on to say that… “Essentially, if you cannot be present to yourself, to others or to life, it means you are caught up in your own thoughts and in your own condition.” This for me, is so true. When I am preoccuppied with how I look, or how things are or what others might think, or I’m making mental associations, etc then I am not present…

To break free:

1. Explore your repressed feelings

2. Open the doors to your inner world – let the demons out, let the darkness out, turn on the lights in the dark recesses of your mind

3. Become aware of your own experiences – old regrets, failed love, inability to communicate, failed expectations, dissapointments, upsets and problems with people

So this calls me to do an inventory of myself, my past and what has influenced me and is influencing me now so that I can be more clear and present. I have found this process of self-awareness to be ongoing over time and with time I face new stuff that needs resolution. When I first began this process a couple years ago I found myself cringing at many things about my life and my behavior. But I have also found that looking and facing what is there is the only way to become free from all of the stuff… “All this is choking you, filling up your mind, backing up your mind.”

And as I practice Steps to Knowledge and study the teachings these things become apparent. They just start to surface. It is said that in order to find stillness we must go through our mind. And over time I have found that there is less clutter in my mind as I look and penetrate what is there with as much honesty and courage as I can muster. The beauty of this is becoming apparent to me as I progress…

As you practice and study Steps to Knowledge these things flow into your awareness.

1. Do not suppress them any more, do not run away – face them

2. Experience these things so you are not so afraid of them

3. Communicate and resolve old misunderstandings with others if needed

4. Objectively examine what could not be expressed or experienced with your family and others

5. Clean and clear away old negative emotions

“This reconciliation must happen.” I think of the following as the promises that are born from doing this work…  

1. It restores your mind from what is oppressing you

2. It opens you to the ability to discern your experience and to determine how you want to communicate with people

3. Self trust returns to you

4. You appreciate your life, even your mistakes

5. You gain a greater value and wisdom from these experiences

As I have worked and studied each Step as it is given and do the additional work that arises along the way I experience increasing clarity, the ability to be more present with others, to listen more deeply, hear what is really being said, see what is occuring within myself and others and in the larger world around me. It is a great teaching in becoming clear and present to yourself and others. It has yielded greater rewards than I had intially thought possible. It is a work in progress. 

From: The Watchtower, February 17, 2009, As revealed to Marshall Vian Summers in Boulder, CO.