I am so thankful to now be able to directly experience being part of a greater force for good in the world. Knowing that I am a part of this network within our world and beyond provides a great sense of community and importance to being in the world. I have always felt connected to life beyond this world but had no applicable context to place this within. Now that is available to me and to all of us that don’t quite feel like the world has been a good fit. A “good fit” can be attained through the practice of Steps to Knowledge and the study of the many other Teachings of the New Message from God.

This greater force for good is joined and directed by Knowledge within us. Knowledge is the great emancipator. It can and does liberate us from darkness, error and separation. It concurrently joins us with our greater purpose and meaning in life. It joins us with others in this world, in other worlds and those who are not in the physical who are also a part of this greater force for good throughout the Universe.

It is an amazing journey. One that wields so much more than is even thought possible at the outset. That is why when beginning to practice Steps to Knowledge we are encouraged to keep practicing each day and to follow the Steps as they are given. We do not need to invent anything for ourselves. It is all held safely within us waiting to emerge.

This greater force for good is community. It is intrinsic. It does not need to be created. It exists already. It has been there all along but lies dormant until we are mature enough and tired enough of trying to do things through our own will alone. Nothing of value is given up along the way. What is gained is far greater than any seeming sacrifice that we must make to embrace our true and authentic purpose in the world. Knowledge is the great liberator and joiner.

It states in this Step that through stillness and objectivity a true direction can be discerned and followed. It is one of the promises of this great Teaching. It is a promise that becomes manifest over time as we proceed. It also states that all of my individual efforts are supplemented by those who also practice with me – those here in the world, those from the Greater Community and those not in the physical who are dedicated to and engaged in the promotion and reclamation of Knowledge everywhere.

It has been my experience that a more committed community joined for the greater good for all is no where else to be found.

I am part of a greater force for good in the world – for which I am eternally grateful.