There is much in the world and from beyond the world that can dissuade us from Knowledge. I am feeling this today. I feel a sense that something is wrong. Even a feeling that something is wrong with me. I keep coming back to the question, “Is this something within that I need to address or is this an external influence that is attempting to weaken my strength and commitment?”

If it is something that I have done or not done that I need to address I ask that it be revealed to me so that I have the opportunity to make a correction. If it is influence in the mental environment let that be revealed to me. Either way I go to Knowledge. Either way I must be strong, committed and dedicated.

I have just recently experienced a great awareness regarding my role in relation to the New Message from God. It was a significant move toward Knowledge. I am also acutely aware of the Intervention that is taking place. I have been directly influenced from a young age by those races from beyond who are now intervening in our world. My first conscious encounter was at around age 16 when driving at night on the back roads of Wyoming with 3 other friends. We came around a butte and saw a UFO at close range sitting in the high desert. It was an extremely large saucer shaped craft resting stationary on the ground. It glowed amber orange. It was clear this was nothing from our world.

I share this story because it illustrates how close I have come to the alien races now present in our world. I believe they are as aware of me as I am aware of them.

Could this move toward Knowledge now be under more intense influence in the mental environment from the Intervention in an attempt to halt or thwart my strength and awareness? I think it is quite possible. As is states in The Allies of Humanity, Book Two, p. 55-56:

“Part of the inducement of the Intervention is to discourage those who are aware of its real nature. …for those individuals who become aware of the Intervention, the focus of the visitors then will be to demoralize and to discourage them, to make them feel weak, helpless and impotent in its face… Here, then, it is necessary for you to understand that your own sense of weakness and helplessness is not merely a product of your lack of self-trust but is actually part of the manipulation that is being cast in your mental environment.”

So, today I give myself to knowledge. I let no false or self-limiting ideas interfere with my genuine pursuit. Every moment I spend in experiencing stillness and engaging my mind meaningfully Knowledge becomes stronger and more present within me.

It has taken me most of the day to penetrate what I am experiencing. Exploring my discomfort directly is important. Trying to avoid it weakens me. We must each face what is before us with strength, perseverance and courage. We must not give in to the purposefully weakening influences within the mental environment. We have a greater strength within us. It states in many places in this great Teaching that Knowledge is the only part of us that cannot be influenced or manipulated by any source. So, the stronger I am with Knowledge the less I can be influenced in this way. Awareness of and alertness to the mental environment is essential for clarity and strength.

“Knowledge is not simply a great potential that lives within you. It is the most vital element that can secure your freedom and maintain it, both now and in the future. …This gives you great promise, and we must emphasize that which gives you this great promise – Knowledge, freedom [and] strength. These are the things you must now cultivate.” p.79-80 Allies, Two.

May we all exercise our great freedom to find and follow Knowledge. The freedom to receive, embody and express Knowledge in the world is essential for our survival. This is our one true advantage. I give myself to Knowledge today.