As I look at the world and its challenges I see a world of people experiencing increasingly devastating hardship. Climate change is directly affecting many nations. Russia experienced a heat wave with fires so rampant that may died and people were warned to stay inside or if going outside to wear masks. Floods in Pakistan and China are destroying the lives of millions of people and there has been significant loss of life. Over a billion people around the world are now considered significantly malnourished and live without access to adequate food and water. War and conflict within nations and between nations continues and grows. Religion is distorted and used to condemn, maim and destroy others. Particularly women. People who had homes, jobs and food no longer do. The world is in trouble. We are in trouble.

We must face these things and begin to individually change direction. We must prepare because our global environmental, political and financial balance has been greatly damaged. We are now seeing the effects of this. We no longer live in a predictable world.

These are enormously difficult issues to face. Facing this deprivation is not for the faint of heart. We are living in a time where what we once took for granted is no longer a guarantee. This needs to be seriously considered. I personally still live in relative comfort. However, my life has also been impacted but in far less serious ways than many others. I live in a state within the United States that is experiencing significant unemployment and the social safety net is very worn and thin. It will not hold for long.

It can be difficult to look upon the world and our own vulnerability and see what is before us. But that is part of the preparation. Part of what I have done to prepare is to educate myself about the Great Waves of Change. The Great Waves of Change is the title of one of many prophetic books by Marshall Vian Summers. This particular book addresses the multitude of impacts that are simultaneously occurring in our world at this time. It provides a comprehensive assessment of our current global circumstances and also provides a vital individual preparation. It offers very practical advice and also a needed spiritual preparation for navigating these difficult times. It is essential that we become aware and then beyond awareness begin to make the necessary changes and preparations to support ourselves and others.

When I look at the world in all of its misery it can be quite overwhelming. However, I can change things within myself and in my small sphere of influence. That is where change and contribution can be made. It begins with seeing what is before me, knowing what can be changed and then doing that. Some of that preparation is practical in nature but much of this happens on the inside. It will take many of us awakening to the situation at hand and our greater purpose in order to be of service to the world and those around us. As it states in Chapter 12 of The Great Waves of Change:

“People may look upon the Great Waves with horror or with denial, with all kinds of human reactions. They cannot see that what they are really facing is the one thing that will redeem them and give them a greater life, a greater purpose and a greater contribution.”

What this says is that difficult circumstances have the potential to call out of us our greater gifts. Much of what this teaching promotes is a spiritual preparation through the practice of listening to Knowledge – our natural source of inner guidance. As we learn to listen within we will be available to hear the promptings of wisdom and true direction. By engaging in the practice of stillness meditation we gain stability. We will need this stability in order to listen to the deeper intelligence within and not to our fearful and turbulent personal mind. This deeper mind can tell us where we need to go and with whom we need to be engaged. It provides a great and abiding strength. It provides clarity and direction. We have to be open and listen in order to gain these abilities. It is this spiritual preparation that will guide us during the times to come. An inner preparation is far more important than anything we do on the outside for we cannot physically prepare for everything. But we can develop Knowledge which will help us navigate our course in the moment and steer us toward changes essential for the future.

As Summers has said – there is no easy or single answer, for it will take a million answers. Each one of us holds an answer and a gift of service. We need to prepare in order to fulfill this promise. It is from this greater perspective, with Knowledge as our guide, that gives us the strength and courage to face the turbulent times now and in the future, know what steps to take and to know how to serve a world in great need. Let us face the challenges ahead. Let the challenges ahead call out of us our greater gifts that God has sent us into the world to give. It is through this preparation that we will be the contributors and seed bearers of great hope, instead of the victims, of a world in decline.