Step 190 The world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds and that is why I have come.

I feel this more and more every day. It brings me a great sense of meaning and purpose. In my earlier life I found living in the world difficult and challenging. And frankly sometimes I did not want to be here. There was a part of me though, that knew I had to get this right. There was a reason for being here. Sometimes I kept going simply because I did not want to have to come back here and do this again. Today I understand more fully the importance of being here and that my contribution, no matter how small, is important.

This great Teaching provides me a true foundation from which to live more meaningfully in the world. It brings me greater focus and effectiveness in my daily activities of life. It carries with it a richness that was so lacking before. The condition and needs of the world are urgent and bring purpose and meaning to my existence. It provides a context from which to move, be and engage. It brings me into a greater relationship with the world as it is.

I feel the storm that is gathering strength. I feel its immediacy, its weight and significance for all of humanity. This is an important time to be in the world because we are emerging into the Greater Community. We are also facing the Great Waves of Change. We are here for this very reason. We have something to contribute during these difficult times and the times to come. Some of us have a heritage to reclaim and contribute that speaks directly to the world’s emergence into a Greater Community of Worlds. I have this heritage.

I often wondered why I felt like I didn’t “fit” in the world. I often felt out of step with others. It was a source of discomfort and isolation. I once joked that I felt like I was from another planet because I just didn’t “get” what was going on here. Now I am getting it. Now it is making sense. Now I have found that for which I came into the world.

The reason is not what I thought. It is greater than anything I could imagine. I knew there was a reason but it was unclear and frustratingly distant at times. Now it is very close and very clear. It requires much more of me than I thought it would. It is work. It takes time. It is challenging. But it is a journey that unites and engages me with something very vital and in return provides true vitality. It seems contradictory that something so challenging and potentially dangerous could provide such a sense of rightness and meaning. But as Marshall Vian Summers states, it is that which challenges us that calls out our greater gift. It is in facing that which is real in the world that engages me with what is real within myself.

I have come into the world at this great turning point in humanity’s evolution and emergence into a Greater Community of Worlds to make a contribution. It is a turning point of which I will only see a part of in my lifetime. This turning point is underway. It is happening now and has been building for some time. Now is the time to engage with the deeper Knowledge within in order to see, to know and to act with certainty as we face extraordinary challenges. We must go deeper than our personal preoccupations. We need a greater education than what our culture provides. We must gain strength and courage and become a point of true stability. It is so needed right now.

By facing the Great Waves of Change, facing the Intervention and facing my own weaknesses and strengths I have gained so much. The gifts of this preparation are truly given along the way. I pray I pass these gifts on in return. And however small my contribution is I pray that it builds and grows so that others can receive what has been so generously given to me in order to assist and serve a rapidly changing world. That is why I have come.