Recently I have had some frightening UFO dreams. I have also been waking up with pervasive and undefined anxiety and dread. The Allies of Humanity Briefings speak of the influence used in the mental environment by the extraterrestrial forces present in our world. Our very mental, emotional, sexual and biological processes can be influenced either by direct or indirect efforts to exert control over us. Some of us have experienced this directly and some of us feel this strongly. Some of us have not only had past lives in this world but have lived lives in other worlds as well. This is part of our background and heritage. This is what we came here to contribute. But it also makes us very sensitive to the alien presence in our world. These feelings and experiences come from a sensitivity to the alien presence. In response to these influences I turn to The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. In Responding to the Greater Community, Wisdom, Vol. II. It states:

“There are some people in the world who have such a strong Greater Community background that they feel the influence of Greater Community forces, even those that are far away and not in their immediate proximity. They react emotionally to these things and they cannot account for their own experiences. …Perhaps they have unexplained feelings of dread or anxiety that cannot be explained in terms of their current circumstances.”

Throughout the years I have interpreted these experiences of random anxiety and pervasive dread as coming from my own emotional or psychological state. Before studying and practicing the New Message from God and gaining a much greater perspective, I had no context in which to frame these experiences. In the past when I experienced this there were no external circumstances that would account for these feelings. I sought medical and psychological help. I was prescribed medication to eliminate these feelings of anxiety and dread. It worked to some degree but it did not address the root cause.

The source and cause for this discomfort in many of us is beyond what is understood and acknowledged in our culture. In fact looking through our current cultural lens and identifying the source of discomfort as being from an outside alien presence would be interpreted as a departure from reality. Our very current psychological and medical standards do not include the possibility that an advanced race of beings visiting and influencing our world could be the source of these experiences. There are many deeply ingrained beliefs, ideas and assumptions that shut the doors on the reality of life in the universe and its influence on humanity.

“Your sensitivity to the Greater Community is determined by your background – not simply your history as a human being in life, but your background far beyond that as well. You carry your accumulated learning with you into the experience of life that you are having now… This is part of your make-up.”

Therapy or medication will not alter the influence of this. In fact, traditional intervention serves to keep us sedated and compliant. It limits our ability to discern the possibility that it is not a personal psychological problem. Only being a student of Knowledge and becoming strong in the mental environment can provide the necessary education and preparation to offset these discordant influences and translate them correctly.

“You cannot change the events that are occurring, but you can interpret them wisely and learn to use them to your advantage. To do this, you must reconsider where you stand in life, what you have accomplished and what you have not accomplished. … To learn the source of your experience, you must learn [about] the influences that are stimulating it, affecting it and in some cases even generating it. …As your skill and awareness grow, you will become more effective in this.”

Indeed, if a person has a true psychological disorder, treatment should be sought. But within the average person the possibility of other outside sources for this discomfort should be considered and explored. Through developing our inherent Knowledge within us it provides the objectivity and clarity necessary to see, to know and to act with Wisdom. It is a means of maintaining and increasing awareness in response to the influences existing in our world today.

Knowledge is our one true advantage and it is supported by those races and forces who are not present in our world today but who support freedom and the greater good for all races everywhere. The Teachings of the New Message point to Knowledge as the source of our strength and freedom. In order to sort through the discordant feelings, confusion and misinformation Knowledge is our guide to what is truly authentic and real. Knowledge does not come from an external source; it is found within us. It is present in the world today and is present in those forces for good from beyond. We need this great strength now and in the difficult times to come. It is our intrinsic connection to that which is spiritual and permanent. It knows. It protects. The evidence of this comes through direct experience.

The extraterrestrial forces present in our world today are not trained in the Way of Knowledge. If they were strong in Knowledge, Inner Guidance from our Source, they would not be intervening in our world. If they were spiritually evolved they would embody a higher ethical standard. We have the opportunity now to educate ourselves and prepare. Without this preparation we would be lost. We would not know where to turn or what to do. We would misinterpret the signs and the warnings. We would dismiss the discomfort as psychological. We would not understand. The New Message is here to provide this greater understanding.