To have a greater sense of value about my own life is really a significant change in my understanding and experience of myself in the world. I am necessary. We are all necessary. What we do here matters. It matters a great deal.

I have really never valued my life in the way that this Step suggests. I have felt better-than and I have felt less-than. At times I felt a great stirring within for which I had no form of expression. Now there is a means and a preparation. To feel and understand my presence here in the world in a greater context provides a clearer way of assessing myself and others. This step speaks to a greater meaning and value in life for each of us.

“Your life is necessary. It is not a biological accident. It is not a mere chance circumstance that you arrived in this world. Your life is necessary. If you could but recall what you went through to come into this world and the preparation that was required—both within this world and beyond—for you to emerge here, then you would realize the importance of your being here and the importance of the Knowledge that you carry within you. Your life is necessary. There is no form of conceit here. It is simply a recognition of truth. In your evaluation of yourself, your life is either pathetic or grandiose. Yet, the necessity of your life has nothing to do with your evaluations, though your evaluations can bring you closer to or take you farther from this one true recognition.

Your life is necessary. Understand this and it will banish your sense of self-judgment and condemnation. Understand this and it will bring humility into your self-grandiose ideas. Understand this and your plans may then in time be adjusted to Knowledge itself, for your life is necessary.”

I carry Knowledge within me. This is the gift that the practice of Steps to Knowledge reveals incrementally. Its like being born again to the authenticity that is my inherent right. It comes without conceit or an inflated sense of self. It is more like a settling into true relationship with myself, with others and the world.

I am sent into the world to serve my Spiritual Family, which serves this world and all worlds in the physical universe.

I am part of a greater force for good and I am a beginning student of Knowledge.

I am thankful for the gift that has been given which I am now beginning to comprehend.

With complete faithfulness and devotion I will continue my practice this day so that I may appreciate the value of my own life.

Only a greater preparation provided by the Creator can cut through the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of why we are here and what we have come to do. May I learn these lessons well. May I carry Knowledge into the world wherever I go. May I fulfill my destiny here. May I serve the greatest good for all concerned as we cross this great threshold into the Greater Community of Intelligent Life in the Universe. This is my wish, for my life is necessary.

Nasi Novare Coram