We look at these states of power, poverty, wealth and giving not from the perspective of what corporations, governments and mass consciousness promote and consider poverty and wealth, but to look at what these states of being mean from a deeper spiritual perspective.

Poverty from a deeper spiritual perspective is about the poverty of the spirit. Poverty is the inability to give, to unite, to see the world with compassion and clarity. It is the inability to see ourselves with compassion and clarity. Poverty in this regard is about being lost and alone and attempting to get what we feel we lack from the world. Being and living in this state we forget our true inherent wealth which is quietly waiting within us. This type of poverty attempts to amass possessions. It attempts to keep possessions already acquired and get more, believing that this will bring wealth, safety and security. It is actually a desperate state. It is fearful, lonely and filled with anxiety. It is destructive. When in this state it is difficult to give. A person, corporation or government in this state is required to take. This is truly a state of spiritual poverty and destitution.

Spiritual poverty leads to many of the world’s ills that are so apparent today. Being spiritually impoverished leads to a desire for control and the misuse of power. Power itself is neutral. It is the motivation behind power, whether for good or ill, that exerts an influence. We each have power. But we have been lulled into thinking we are helpless or that it is right and acceptable to use power to gain what we want at the expense of others, the earth or the environment.

Attempting to amass great material wealth beyond our needs is spiritual poverty. It has become quite pervasive and is destructive. The root cause does not want to be identified or exposed for what it is. Poverty of spirit can lead to a desperate attempt to acquire more, to take, to hoard, to plunder, to see the world in terms of what can be used for the benefit of only a few. It is the antithesis to giving and uniting for the greater good.

Humanity is at a critical tipping point. Many people can feel this even though it may be ill defined or misunderstood. Spiritual poverty and a world undergoing great change is at the heart of this discomfort.

Even though our plight has a spiritual answer it does not mean that we all need to practice a certain religion or follow a particular path. What this does means is that we must reengage with our own heart. We must have a change of heart. The wealth of spirit is within us and is ours to reclaim. We have never lost it. It has been there all along. But it has been buried under consumerism, delusion, preoccupation, fantasy, distraction and denial.

Stillness and rethinking about where we are at and what we are doing is part of this process of reclaiming our inherent wealth – our inner guidance or Knowledge – this true part of ourselves that we have become divorced from. It is time to reengage with our inner knowing and compassionately confront the obstacles in our path. Do not look to governments, groups or even your neighbors for the answer. It happens within the individual. Within me. Within you. A theme that is worth repeating is that the promise for humanity is in the awakening of the individual. Without denial or interference on our part Knowledge will guide us in reclaiming our heritage and we can then honor and support giving, uniting and sharing the wealth – this is power for good and is the only power that is sustainable in the long run. Do not ask more from the world than those few material things you need to fulfill your function in the world. Beyond that is real poverty.

Seek true spiritual wealth and you will consciously become a powerful force for good in the world. With consistent application in the reclamation of Knowledge a greater and more responsible understanding of power, wealth, poverty and giving will emerge. Deep within each of us is the Knowledge that we have come here to give instead of take. We have this great wealth. We awaken to its power and inclusive strength by making the necessary changes in our own lives in order to support this in others. In giving yourself to your practice you affirm your own wealth already, which only needs to be affirmed to be fully realized.

Steps to Knowledge: Steps 155-161.