There are two great functions of the mind. Stillness or constructive thinking and investigation.

That’s it.

In service to Knowledge (our Inner Guidance) these are the two uses of the mind that bring us to a real and direct experience of life. I am working toward this. I find that there are many times I am engaged in speculation, imagination or fantasy. Much of my childhood and young adulthood was spent in bondage to my mind. My mind was conditioned by my familial experience and by cultural expectations. Much of what I experienced in life was rather harsh and I gladly escaped into reading and imagination.

Being present, still and completely aware of my direct experience at that time was not possible due to my youth and conditions. But now with maturity and the experience of disappointment and disillusionment regarding the state of the world and my role in it, engaging my mind in these two forms of mental engagement is desired and welcomed. This is not to say that I am always successful. Years and years of beliefs, ideas, thought patterns and habits do not disappear overnight.

During stillness meditation tonight I had to exercise refocusing my mind many times. I would find that I had wandered off into unrelated imagined conversations with others or thoughts of the past or interactions I have had. But in bringing myself back to stillness I would experience the freedom, power and gift of stillness… an alert expansive timelessness… and then… wander off again.

It is work. It takes concentration and refocusing again and again.

The reward is there, however, and that is the motivation in doing this. Also knowing that this practice impacts the world beyond myself brings a level of commitment that I don’t think I could muster for myself alone.

Engaging in stillness or constructive thinking disengages us from the waves of fear and discordant mental influence all around us and within us. It tips the balance toward unity and harmony instead of separation and strife. If I am unable to be at peace within myself I will never be able to tolerate peace in my environment. Engaging in this type of practice sets me squarely as a supporter of a greater force for good instead of blindly and unwittingly reinforcing the forces of confusion and dissonance. It is a great undertaking. It is an important undertaking and the benefit of this is not for me alone.

The New Message states that the promise for humanity is in the awakening of the individual. One individual here. One individual there. Changing the force and direction of life. Gaining momentum and strength. Supporting and touching others we may never meet to do the same. Ultimately each individual joins with other individuals and we all progress.

At the start it is a lone process. We must be brave and courageous and face the loneliness and isolation of striking out on a different path. It is paradoxical that we must separate off in order to join. We are disengaging from mass consciousness. This separation from the dominant forces of confusion and dissonance leads to a far greater unity than I can comprehend. I experience moments and periods of time when I feel and experience this unity directly – I experience being a part of something much greater.

It moves me forward. It enables me to see the world as it truly exists and not as I wish it to exist. I can then engage in reality from a core strength that is pervasive and unchanging. We each hold the key to real and lasting change for ourselves and for the world through finding and following Knowledge within. It is the one thing within us that can not be manipulated or influenced by outside forces.

One individual here. One individual there. Changing the force and direction of life. It is what will save us.