I just finished a review of the past week of steps practice. I am a new student, a very beginning student and I have a long way to travel still. I am just beginning to climb the mountain. But climb I must. It is the only thing of meaning before me. No matter how ill-defined it is I have increasing faith and certainty that as long as I do continue to practice and listen that I will be led to where I need to go and will be prepared for the gift I need to give.

Here is the wisdom from the steps of the past week. These are the promises and directives of the New Message.

Practice with simplicity and humility.

Each moment spent in sincere application furthers my progress tremendously and permanently.

Knowledge is with me, my Spiritual Family is with me, my Teachers are with me. I am not alone. I have great Allies here and beyond.

Practicing consistently brings the empowerment to be a contributor in the world. Be consistent. Knowledge is entirely consistent.

Simply and humbly honor yourself because of your Heritage. Honor yourself so that Knowledge may be honored.

The world provides the right environment to serve. The world is a place that blesses me as I learn to bless it. Love and honor the world in all its beauty and tribulations. It needs my love and blessings.

My Teachers are mysterious and abide with me while I am in the world. Their activity in my life becomes stronger and more evident as I take the steps to reclaim Knowledge. As I progress their need for me to develop becomes greater as does my need for them. Honor my Teachers so that I may be honored in spite of my past errors. Honor this greatness of life of which I am a small part.

Accept myself beyond my current understanding. Honor myself beyond my current evaluation. Experience life beyond my own thoughts and prejudices.

Recognize the opportunity that is given to me. My gift to the world now is to prepare so that I may learn to give.