Step136 My Purpose is to Reclaim My Knowledge and to Allow it to Express Itself in the World.

Reclaiming and expressing Knowledge in the world. This is the world I have come to serve. Wow. I sometime ask… What else do I need to learn? What else do I need to be aware of?

Then I am lead in a certain direction. Right now the focus seems to be on learning about the mental environment and the physical environment. Specifically influence in the mental environment and the greater capacities of the deeper mind – Knowledge and the limits of the physical environment.

The New Message states that the only part of us that is truly free from influence is Knowledge. That is it. Our personal minds can learn to become aligned with Knowledge in time. But alone, my personal mind can be manipulated by those who are stronger and more concentrated. I used to think I was stronger in this area than I really am.

Being with someone who is more focused, regardless of whether that focus is for my benefit or not, can and has influenced me. I can think of times when I have been influenced by someone when I have been less certain and less convicted in my position. I have experienced this. I have learned to never underestimate the power of the mental environment.

We each have Knowledge within us. It is our purpose to reclaim this Knowledge. I must exercise my conviction and my inherent strengths embodied within my deeper mind; my Knowledge. This is our spiritual gift.

“People everywhere have great spiritual gifts that can enable them to see and to know clearly. These gifts are needed now. They need to be recognized, employed and shared freely.” p. 13. Allies, Book One.

The practice of Steps to Knowledge provides the preparation and the ability to recognize, employ and share these gifts. It is so needed right now. We are far less likely to be influenced in the mental environment when we reclaim Knowledge.

I recently learned that science has determined that only four to seven percent of the universe is made of physical matter. Four to seven percent. That’s it. That’s not very much. However, our current scientific method of determining what is real rests on the premise that physical matter is the basis for all reality. Since physical matter comprises only four to seven percent of the universe that leaves a great deal that is not currently defined, recognized or understood.

Just because it is not defined, recognized or understood does not mean it does not exist or is not experienced. We might not yet accept it or understand it. We might have even experienced it but dismissed it because it did not fit into this paradigm. Clearly the mental environment is not matter, but yet we do indeed experience it. We have probably all had the experience of walking into a room and knowing something was wrong. This is a direct experience. Very real. Very palpable. No physical matter involved. We really need to expand our perception of ourselves, consciousness, the universe and ourselves in the universe.

Knowledge is vast, it is something that one can feel and experience. Unfortunately, it has been lost to most of us who have been steeped in this pragmatic matter-focused world view.

Knowledge is part of what exists within the other ninety-three to ninety-six percent of reality. It is not something that can be quantified by our existing scientific method yet it has been known and experienced by others throughout history. Knowledge brings us out of the trappings of the personal mind. It is what can save us.

Knowledge can lead us to greater awareness and understanding. Knowledge is an experience that can be reclaimed. It is mysterious. We can’t nail it down. But we can listen and become still. In this stillness comes greater awareness and clarity.

So, I practice and am thankful for this gift… today my purpose is to reclaim Knowledge – and as I reclaim Knowledge then Knowledge can express itself… in not just four to seven percent of the world… but in one hundred percent of the world and beyond.