Learning to be free. So much to undo and so much to learn all at the same time.

Reviewing and rethinking my personal past. Understanding and experiencing my past from a new perspective. Gaining strength in the present. Preparing for the future.

Each step still a bit wobbly. But I keep going back to Knowledge, to stillness, to the Source from which I came. Learning to be in the world differently. Authentically. Realistically.

“Your independence from the past – your past judgments, past associations, past pains, past wounds and past difficulties – gives you independence in the present. …to enable you to join meaningfully in relationship. …You can do nothing in the world without relationship.”

There is also a statement that comes from a different step (Step 241) in Steps to Knowledge but I include it here because is provides a very hopeful and loving perspective of error and redemption. “…the sinful are not punished but are attended to. The wicked are not sent to hell but are prepared for Heaven,”

When I err and live in opposition to Knowledge I am in hell already. We punish ourselves – sometimes relentlessly – we do not need more punishment. I need freedom from my past error so that I may join with purpose and meaning. …I accept my past as a demonstration of life without Knowledge (Step 28) and I accept that Knowledge can be reclaimed. This is freedom of a greater sort.

This step speaks to freedom enabling us to join meaningfully in relationship. Not for a temporary thrill or a spike in momentary happiness but for reclamation and contribution to humanity and a world in great need.

Let me learn to be free so that I may join.