Two 30 minute stillness meditations today.

What do I need to learn from this step?

My teachers are with me. God’s emissaries. The Angelic Presence. The Unseen Ones. It is a presence that can be felt. I connect with my Teachers through Knowledge within me. Through stillness. It is within. Not out there. I can not comprehend what this means through my intellect alone. My mind can speculate but it is the experience of Knowledge and my Teachers that holds true promise.

Before learning of and studying the New Message I explored many different spiritual paths. None truly fit. But I tried and in my misunderstanding I thought I could somehow “transcend” my body. I believed that spiritual connection happened somewhere above me or out there somewhere. I believed and hoped that it would provide some sort of escape from the harshness of the world. But this belief held no real sense of Self. I found it confusing.

Connection with my Teachers does come from another source but a Source that I am intimately connected with right here within me. It happens within my physical vehicle – my body, and my mental vehicle – my mind. It is a mysterious connection but it is also very practical.

It is practical in that it brings me into greater relationship with the world and others. Instead of separating me further from the world or “transcending” the world it brings me in direct service to the world. This practice grows me. It leads me to make changes in my thinking and behavior. It grows my experience of being in the world and seeing the world and my role in it with increasing clarity. It is fluid and responsive. It is compassionate and realistic. It is loving and very practical. It is grounding.

I do not fly around having some mystical or fantastic experience like I mistakenly thought I would and is taught in come circles. It settles itself within me. I settle down. It brings a deep abiding strength. It brings me into direct relationship with myself, others and the world. Albeit a very different relationship than I had imagined – it is a serious and important relationship – a meaningful relationship however ill-defined it is at this time. It is a process. It is a journey. And the gifts are given along the way.

My Teachers are with me. I will be with them.