The beginning paragraph of this step holds a statement of promise: as I practice these steps consistently and openly I have an opportunity to experience increased certainty and faith and decreased unnecessary fear. It is through my relationship with and direct experience of Knowledge and my Inner Teachers that make this possible.

Facing what needs to be faced reduces my fear and provides an opening to go deeper. Settling in deeper I have a more direct experience of my Teachers and of Knowledge. Actual experience. Practice in listening and following and applying the Steps in my daily life builds the confidence that this step talks about.

I recently stumbled upon a new blog site. Intervention Watch. A link is posted here.

This is such important information to get out there. I am overcoming my hesitation in talking about and posting things like this. I took the dive a while back and shared a bit of a UFO sighting story that occurred when driving with 3 others friends many years ago. I got a response from a childhood friend. Around the same time period she and her sister witnessed a UFO and were frightened by it, as was I. So that is 6 people including myself from the same small town.

This is important. What is happening in the Universe and right here on Earth is a big part of this Spiritual Teaching. It confirms that we are not alone in the Universe or in our own world. We are unprepared and vulnerable. This is the preparation.

I am becoming more brave about speaking about this. I had to work through my own fear before hand. The fear was tremendous when I initially started to read and search out more information about UFOs and what there presence here means. There is a lot of good information to be found through books, videos and websites provided by very brave and credible people. These people are the Galileo’s and trail blazers of our time.

This is the world I have come to serve and my Teachers are with me. I need not fear. I will listen to Knowledge today. I am responding. I am gaining strength and confidence.

We have strong allies in the Universe. There are greater forces for good. I align myself with those who are reclaiming and contributing Knowledge on a daily bases.  I bring myself back to alert stillness and observation repeatedly throughout the day. Seeing what is there as an objective observer provides clarity. I am able to be more present.

In The Allies of Humanity, Book Two, it states… “You cannot have a fanciful, romantic view of life in the Universe if you are to understand it and prepare for it accordingly. You must have wisdom and sobriety. You must be without self-deception in this matter… How will you overcome and offset this influence in your life?… The trust must come from a deeper understanding.” p. 24-25.

This understanding comes through this inherent Inner Guidance, for me it is a feeling I experience in my body. It has warned me with feelings of foreboding and restraint. A sinking feeling in my gut. It has confirmed things with a rush of energy like “the chills.”

Knowledge is not simply a great potential that lives within you. It is the most vital element that can secure your freedom and maintain it, both now and in the future.” p. 79, Allies, Two.

Only concern that your Knowledge is being violated will emanate from Knowledge, and then only to indicate that you need to reassess your actions and ideas. Knowledge has a self-correcting principle. That is why it is your Inner Guidance. If you are going against your Knowledge, you will be ill at ease with yourself, and this will give rise to anxiety.” Step 128, Steps to Knowledge.

Why so much rejection over an encounter that everyone really considers to be very possible? Yet when it is actually accounted for, you will see a great deal of denial.” p. 97, Allies, Two.

Various opinion polls show that 50-76% of people from various countries believe in UFOs and extraterrestrial life. But yet people, like myself, are hesitant to speak about it. Why so much hesitation? Ridicule. Fear. Anxiety. Denial.

…you must confront this within yourself. The inability or unwillingness to do this is really the source of all human ignorance and presumption regarding humanity’s place in the Universe and regarding the reality of the extraterrestrial Intervention that is occurring in the world today.” p. 99, Allies, Two.

It was not easy to face these things. It initially made me very uncomfortable. And at times I can still become fearful. But I did face it and so must more of us. This is the greatest turning point in history and we must prepare wisely. This is the preparation.

It is the awakening of the individual that is the promise for humanity. My Teachers are with me. I need not fear.